We are now offering customized printable invitations!

YAY!!!  Big news, right????

Yes, we are now offering a brand new service to attempt to accommodate all of you wonderful (and handy) DIY’ers!


I’m a DIY’er at heart, and sometimes projects that I undertake require a bit of an experts touch….this is where our new stationery line comes into play.

Our first design that we are offering this service on is this gorgeous monogram invitation set!  You can use this for engagement invitations, save the dates, anniversary parties, weddings, birthdays…and old reason to have a party with your loved one!



Designed by : http://www.uptowndesigns.ca Photography by : http://www.hrkvc.com


If DIY floats your boat and you love this design as much as we do, you can also stop by our Etsy shop to purchase!  We’ll customize the wording and send you the print ready files!  It’s as simple as that!  (well…almost!)  And if you need fabulous high quality supplies, we can help you out there too!


Stay tuned for more print ready designs coming next week!


As always, have a fabulous day!


xo Danika



Etiquette – No kiddies please!

Helllllloooooo Tuesday!

It sure has been a while since I’ve posted on here. Our last series was all about the adventures of DIY invitations! If you missed that one, You can check out Part 1 here – DIY Part 1

As a stationery designer, I get a lot of questions about proper etiquette when it comes to wedding invitations….everything from wording to how to properly address your invitations so I have decided to put together a brand new series all about etiquette!

The first topic that we are going to address is how to communicate that your wedding is adults only. This decision could be for one of many reasons…you are having an evening wedding, black tie affair, or you would really just prefer to avoid screaming children distracting your guests from the main event like this one – >




Calm down folks! This is MY son at MY wedding. 😉 He stayed for the ceremony and about an hour of our wedding and I have to admit that we were much more relaxed once we knew that he was home and HAPPY!

The fact is that you have spent many many months planning your wedding and you want it to be perfect! (Or at least as close to perfection as possible!)

Let’s get back to the important stuff!

You’ve made the decision and now you need to communicate your wishes to your guests. Here are a few ways to do go about doing this:

1 – Address the envelopes properly! According to tradition, if the child is invited, their name should be included on the envelope below their parents names. We’ll elaborate on this hot topic in a later post all about addressing envelopes properly! (I know, exciting, right?!)

2 – You can indicate the number of guests on the RSVP card by wording it something like this :
“We have reserved ___ seats in your honour”. Before sending out your invitations, simply write the let number of guests that you are inviting on that line.

3 – You can call your guests individually. Some people may not understand your decision and your guests will most likely appreciate the extra gesture of speaking to you personally. This way you can also explain to them why this is important to you on your special day.


If you have something in particular that you are struggling with when it comes to etiquette regarding your stationery, drop me a line at hello@uptowndesigns.ca and I will do my best to write a blog post just for you!


xo Danika


The Low-Down on DIY part 2

Good Morning!

First things first…I had a little glitch on Wednesday and you may have received a tiny little teaser of today’s post!

Good news! Today it’s the real thing!!! 😉

So, hopefully you’ve read our first little blog on this topic because we are raring to go with some tips and some realities of DIY!

The first place to start is to figure out what style of invitations you would like. Simple, one layer of paper? Something with a backing? Pocketfold?

Are you looking for something with an elaborate design? Or would understated elegance be closer to your vision?

Once you figure out those basics, it’s time to get down to business.

Are you going to design your invitation or will you hire someone to design your invitation for you?

If design isn’t one of your strengths, I have some good news for you! There are a lot of options for you!

Many designers (including little old me) offer print ready design only services.

You can also check sites like Etsy for customizable designs that you can purchase and print yourself! (We do this too!)

Check out our shop here ->
Uptown Designs on Etsy

They key is to do your research and figure out which option is best for you!

We have lots more advice on this subject so stay tuned for #3 of our DIY series coming next week!

As promised, here is my little invitation from my wedding!



Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

xo Danika

The Low-Down on DIY – Part 1

So, we’ve talked a little bit about custom invitations…now it’s time to talk DIY!

I’ll start by saying that I LOOOOOVE crafty brides! I love how passionate DIY’ers are about putting their own personal stamp into such an important life event! 🙂

***Trust me on this!  I was a TOTAL DIY bride and I still love trying out new projects!

I did my own invitations – stay tuned tomorrow for that photo.  😉

Here’s a perfect example of a recent project –  gigantic flowers that a photographer friend (Little Orchid Photography) and I made for a local Easter event! I still can’t get over how amazing they turned out!



Not bad, eh???



We used the tutorial on the Design Sponge website and made a few minor tweaks!

First things first…why do YOU want to go the DIY route?

Usually this decision is made for one of two reasons…

The first reason that I’d like to talk about is budget. Yes, we realize that this can be a scary word when it comes to weddings!

When you are thinking of making your invitations on your own solely for the purpose of saving money, there are a few things to consider:

Do you have the time to invest in making your invitations?

Do you enjoy being crafty?

So….ponder these quick questions and we will be back tomorrow with a brand new post that will delve into these little (possibly GIGANTIC) questions that we just posed.


Happy Wedding Wednesday to all of you beautiful brides (AND GROOMS) out there!!!


Have a fabulous day!


xo Danika


Letterpress Love…

If you’ve read my blog before, you may already know that I am just a tad obsessed with letterpress.

There’s something about the ultra thick cotton paper and the care that it takes to make a perfect impression on each invitation that just makes me swoon.

Yes, I said swoon. I am in love. With letterpress (and my hubby of course!). I recently took the plunge and bought myself a machine.

I thought I was in love before. Ha! The first time I made a perfect quality thank you note with my wee machine, I jumped up and down in my office!!

Yep, I surely did. This is the beginning of a love affair. And here it is. My first yay me letterpress thank you card!

Stay tuned for more projects coming soon! I’m working on some birthday invites, wedding invites and business cards so stay tuned for some really exciting projects coming soon!!!

I am excited beyond words folks!!! It’s a happy dance kind of day for sure!!!

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West`s wedding invitation revealed – Zee News

What do you think of Kin and Kanye’s invitations?

Chicago Wedding News

Your Chicago wedding invitation should stamp your personality on this important milestone in your life. Letterpress wedding invitations have become more popular than engraved invitations, but both speak to traditions and elegance of times past. Research your wedding invitation well and select designs and font styles that reflect your personality. Also, keep an eye to fast-moving trends on the Internet.

Zee News Kim Kardashian, Kanye West`s wedding invitation revealedZee NewsLast Updated: Saturday, May 10, 2014, 10:35. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s wedding invitation revealed. Pic Courtesy: -. Los Angeles: A wedding invitation which reportedly is of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West`s nuptials has leaked online….Kim Kardashian, Kanye West`s wedding invitation revealed – Zee News

Your Chicago wedding is an important event. Celebrate it in style with a well designed wedding invitation that reflects the importance of the occasion. Found below are some useful trends that may prove of value.


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Wedding Industry Experts – Invitation Designer


We have just entered the Wedding Industry Experts 2014 Awards.

It’s official!   Uptown Designs Stationery has entered the Wedding industry Experts, 2014 Awards in the category of Most Popular Invitation Designer in Cambridge.  We want to send a clear message to future clients that we are proud of the level of service we deliver for every couple, and prove that those who know us are happy to support us.

About the Awards
Each year the Wedding Industry Experts Awards attract a vast array of world class wedding professionals and related businesses of all sizes, from across the globe.  The awards are now the largest international popularity competition for Wedding Professionals worldwide and we are proud to be one of the participants.   

Our vote page shows our category, location and a description of our service.  There is no judging panel.  Past clients, peers and fans vote for their favorites.   In previous years fans could vote more than once.  This year they have limited it to one vote per email address for the duration of the month long voting period. 

If you think we are worthy of The Most Popular Invitation Designer in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, please visit our vote page at Uptown Designs – Most Popular Invitation Designer to cast a vote for us before the end of May. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported us to date.  It is through your support and referrals that we can continue to do what we love.


Sisterhood of the Travelling Wedding Dress

Good morning!!!  I am SO excited today!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, today is a fabulous day for a couple of reasons!  One – my youngest turns four today!  Two – my wedding dress is in North Carolina and will be worn by a fabulous bride there today.  🙂

I’m not sure how this lovely lady stumbled across my blog, but she’s been reading my posts for a while now and this is where the story begins.  Don’t worry, it isn’t too long!  🙂

I received an e-mail on a Saturday night just over two weeks ago asking me for help.  This obviously peaked my interest.  The first line was

I LOVE YOUR BLOG.  < –  Fyi – compliments get you anything you want!!!  Hahahaha!  Okay, maybe not but they do make things better (and make people smile).

She went on to tell me her story….I won’t get into all the details, but the most important ones are these:

She was getting married on my son’s birthday (she didn’t know this at the time) and they were planning their wedding in just over two weeks.

She went on to tell me how in love she is and how she is the luckiest person in the world.  Being a hopeless romantic, my heart was melting a bit (okay a lot).

Kristine told me how much she wanted to surprise him and look beautiful on her wedding day for him.  (just as and FYI, she is gorgeous!)

Here’s the kicker – she asked if she could rent my dress.  Huh?  Well, I still have my wedding dress and had planned on doing a trash the dress that never happened so I hadn’t even had in cleaned!!!!!!  Totally embarrassing!!!!!

Here’s a picture of me in the dress taken by the fabulous Angela Smith http://www.angelasmith.ca ->


I kind of felt like it was fate for Kristine to wear my dress on her special day.  

 So, I told her I would ship it to her and that she could have it with the expectation that she pass it along to someone else when she was done and that they send their story to me as well.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

I LOVED my dress.  It was the first one that I had tried on and I didn’t need to look at any others.  I felt like a princess on my wedding day and I hope she feels like a princess today as well!

Happy Tuesday!

Happy 4th birthday to my awesome little man!

Happy wedding day to you and the love of your life Kristine!

Have a fabulous day all!!!!

xo Danika




Forever Yours bridal Show

Happy Monday morning! At least it might be if you’ve already had a coffee! Hahaha!

Anyhoo, we had the pleasure of having a booth at the forever your bridal show this past weekend. The show was at Conestoga Place on manitou in Kitchener(if you’re looking for a venue, definitely check them out! the food is to die for!!!). As always, we had so much fun chatting with brides and vendors alike at the show.

We did have a couple of new invitations that we showcased at the show and now I’m sharing them with all of you lovely people! 😉

This one was originally designed for a bride and groom getting married at the Cambridge Mill this summer (fabulous location!!!). The bride and groom on the front is embossed and you may recognize it from another design, but it still looks good!

2013-03-24 13.35.17

The second is a wood grain pocketfold with a soft floral design inside. Rustic and romantic. This one was designed for a styles shoot in an outdoor amphitheatre!

2013-03-24 17.43.59

Of course I did have these stationery suites at the show.

The first one inspired by Snow White. (I love fairy tales!). Oh – and do you realize that if my husband’s last name had of been White, I would be Danika Snow-White?!?!?! How cool is that? Yup…I’m still a nerd. 🙂

2013-03-24 15.32.00

And the last one is totally funky and super fun! Graffiti inspired!

2013-03-24 19.46.00

I hope you enjoyed some of our new designs!

Have a fabulous Monday!!!

xo Danika

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