Rain, rain, don’t go away quite yet……

Sounds odd to say, right? Especially on your wedding day?

The thing is that if you have a super fabulous photographer, then you are in luck. Yes, I know getting wet can be a little frustrating when you’re hair is done, make up is done, and you’re probably wearing the most beautiful gown you’ll wear in your life. The fact is that the memories you can capture with a little rain are phenomenal.

Take these photos for example ->;;;

Image Source : onewed.com

Are you in love with the colourful umbrellas as much as I am?

Photographers are like artists…teditions the best lighting to take your pictures in and can edit your photos to create the most amazing memories of your wedding day!

Like this one ->;;;

Image Source : Andrew Scott Photography

Can you imagine how perfect the timing had to be to get this one???

Image Photography by Martine Sansoucy

I’ve shown you this one before, but I LOVE IT!

Image Source : Flash Flavour

And if you’re a prepared bride, you may end up with some pictures of matching rain boots, although mis-matched is more fun in my humble opinion!!!!!

Image Source : Modern Weddings Hawaii

I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with pictures, but I can’t get enough of wedding day shots with rain.

Have a fabulous day! (even though it’s miserable out!!)

xo Danika


Rain doesn’t have to be a bad thing at your wedding….

It’s been over a month since my last post and I am feeling super guilty here!  Things have been crazy busy in the Uptown Designs Studio (exciting!!), add to that my three year old getting his tonsils&adenoids out and I’m a tad behind on the blogging front.

Today is a gloomy day.  It’s cloudy and rainy and I thought today would be the perfect day to highlight how awesome rain can be on your wedding day!  I realize that a rainy day isn’t exactly the wedding day most brides dream of, but things happen.  You can’t control the weather so why not make the most of it…and the right photographer can capture some amazing memories for you!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a perfect example of how amazing rain can be for your photos!  Breathtaking…that’s the only word that comes to mind when I look at this photo!

Image Source: FlashFlavor.com

How about this couple?!?!?!

I don’t know them, but I think I love them.  I mean, not everyone would agree to going out on a lake in a rainstorm on the wedding day, right?

The other thing about rainy days is the RAIN BOOTS!  You can colour coordinate them if you know there’s a possibility of showers.

Love the different colour boots in this pic!

And I don’t really think you can go wrong with matching pink boots!

Image Source: Plate and Pattern

While things may not always go your way on your wedding day, it will absolutely be a day you will remember for the rest of your life so HAVE FUN!

I’ll be posting some of my recent work later on this week so stay tuned!

xo Danika

All that glitters…part deux

If you read yesterday’s post, then you know we’re talking about New Year’s Eve.  Specifically New Year’s Eve weddings!!!  I personally think that NYE is all about spending time with your close friends and family, which is why I think NYE weddings are kind of fabulous!

I’m also a bit of a girly girl.  Love shiny things, a little glitz, a little glamour.  I’m thinking that may be why I’m loving the trend for decor and fashion at NYE weddings.  Everything has got to sparkle.  Check out the grooms shirt below!  HELLO?!?!?

Image from : Design Sponge

Those silver shoes are pretty fabulous too!

The other great thing about New Year’s Eve is being able to do confetti and balloons without seeming a little off your rocker.  Haha.  Just kidding.

But seriously…check out the PHOTO OPS!!!!!

Confetti?  Yes please.  Let’s just say that the inner child of your guests will most likely rear their cute little heads to join in this NYE tradition.

Image from : the Knot

Of course, if you’re not really into the confetti option, there are always balloons!  Looks like fun right?  They’re not quite as messy.

Image Source : Dana Markos Events

Not matter what you do at your NYE wedding/bash, I guarantee your guests will have fun.  NYE is a time for celebration without throwing a wedding into.  Mix those two together, and you are guaranteed for one fabulous celebration.

xo Danika


Real Wedding – Matt and Allie

Happy Wedding Wednesday!!!!

So, I posted a little sneak peek on Friday about Matt and Allie’s wedding and I was supposed to post this Monday!  Things were just a little crazy and I am late (TERRIBLE ME!).  I am terribly excited about this one though.  I loved working with Allie and her mom and I feel extremely lucky to have played a small part in her day!

Her ceremony and reception were both held on her parents property in Listowel, Ontario.  Here is a picture of the gorgeous bride and her handsome groom.

Allie wanted her guests to have fan programs, which were designed to match her invitations with the pink and damask design.  Love this picture of the bride and groom during the ceremony in the background!

This is by far my favourite picture of the bride and groom.  Maybe it’s the awesome truck they’re sitting on, maybe it’s the fact that I can see Allie’s amazing shoes in this picture, either way I LOVE IT!

All of Allie’s decor was designed to match her damask and pink theme.  When we first met, she had a vision for all of her stationery, which I was able to pull into all of her stationery….from the programs, to the signs for the candy bar, barrel of water bottles, and flip flop barrel(not pictured), to the thank you tags which sat on the rim of the wine glass favours at each guests seat.  One of my personal favourites was the seating chart, which Allie asked me to make round (like the tables) to be mounted on the antique mirror below.

***Don’t you just LOVE the lounge area???????

Here are a few of the bridal party…don’t you love the vintage chic feel of this whole wedding?????

This candy bar is definitely something after my own heart….think jelly bellies, candy floss sweet whirls, cherry rock candy, chocolate hearts.  Well, you get the picture!

Candy Bar

All photos taken by : http://brendacoghlinphotography.blogspot.com/2011/07/matt-allie-june-25th-2011.html

You can check out my website for some other pictures of Allie’s invitations!  http://www.uptowndesigns.ca

Hope you’re having a fabulous Wednesday!

xo Danika

Winter Wedding Shoes….

Well, it’s Tuesday shoesday and it’s starting to feel a little cooler outside and I actually saw a few snowflakes last week!  I really do love the winter…although I would prefer to be sitting by a fire with a glass of wine than being outside in the freezing cold..BAD CANADIAN!

I do however love me some winter fashions(and WARM feet)!!!!!!!!!

Soooo, I thought I would take the plunge and post a couple of my favourites for winter wedding shoes for all of you winter brides out there!  I love the simplicity of this shoe.

The little flowers on these wedding shoes are cute!

Image Source - Bride Dream.org

This is by far my favourite.  I understand this isn’t necessarily standard wedding attire, but I LOVE IT!  My feet are always cold so these boots would be a necessity for little old me!!!!

Winter photo ops are also pretty amazing, but that’s for another post!

Image source: Pinterest

Thanks for reading!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

Love letter bridal shoes….

Have I mentioned that I LOVE shoes?  And what better day to show off some fabulous shoes but your wedding day?

Nothing says fabulous more than your own personalized shoes!  If you’re getting married and looking for a one of a kind shoe, you absolutely have to check out http://www.figgieshoes.com.  These shoes are hand painted by the artist (who also happens to be a photographer) and she is extremely talented.  I wish I would have seen this site before my wedding!  Now for the shoes!

Image Source: Figgie Shoes

This particular pair of shoes is a love letter.  Actually, two love letters.  The bride and the groom wrote love letters to eachother and sent them through to Deborah Thomson (owner of Figgie Shoes) who hand painted each shoe for the couple and I think the end result is spectacular.

Image Source: Figgie Shoes

Here are a few other amazing samples of her work.

Image Source: Figgie Shoes

And if you weren’t already in love, she also does accessories and baby shoes.

Image Source: Figgie Shoes

*(these are almost my favourite only because baby shoes are so teeny tiny)

Every woman should have at least one pair of shoes that makes her feel amazing and sexy and hand painted shoes will absolutely do that!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

xo Danika

Cowboys and lace

Happy Friday!  It also happens to be random act of kindness day so Share the love ya’ll!!

So, I was born in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and have lived here the majority of my life.   I was also lucky enough to spend about 8 years living in Virginia.  When I was living there and I came to LOVE everything southern…the food, the music, and mostly the people(you know who you are!!!!!).  I’m sure you’ve heard the term southern hospitality and if you haven’t experienced it, you should make the trip at some point in time.

This is one reason that completely adore these southern chic wedding trends.

Barns create such romantic atmosphere for your wedding reception(and ceremony for that matter).

Photo Courtesy of One Love Photo

I’m thinking these boots probably would have been better dancing shoes than my heels on my wedding day!  Cowboy boots look pretty awesome too if that’s the theme you’re going for.

Image Source : Monolo Blog

Love this sweet little message on the bottom of this brides boots.

Image Source DP Photo Biz

Now, this is a wedding reception menu after my own heart.  Nothing but feel good food!!!!!!

Photo Courtesy of Ruffled Blog

This all is definitely making me yearn for Virginia/North Carolina Coast.  Oh…how I miss you!  We will see eachother soon.

Have a fabulous weekend!

xo Danika

Pretty shoes? Yes, please!

I’m all for the traditional ivory or white wedding shoes, BUT…big but here.  Why not add some fun under your dress in the form of some colourful wedding shoes? This trend has been popular for a while now, but I came across THESE->

and I was inspired to put together a few of my faves!  These shoes are pretty much awesome and I give some serious kudos to the woman who wore these on her wedding day!

Looking for shoes for a fall wedding?  Here are a couple->

Christian Louboutin

Orange is perfect for autumn

Looking to add a little sunshine?  This brides shoes are cheerful and her groom wore matching socks!

I couldn’t really add a post about shoes without my own…my shoes were my favourite accessory on my big day.  Check these puppies out…they didn’t last through the dancing, but I loved them!

Thanks for reading!  Happy Humpday all!

xo Danika

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