No kiddies please – Part Two

Well, apparently this is one hot topic so we are going to get just a little more in depth with this one!

As a bride or groom, communicating your wishes for your special day can be a little bit challenging…there will always be one person (perhaps more) who disagree with how you choose to do things.

This can cause unnecessary stress during what is one of the most important times in your life.

The thing is, how you approach the situation can definitely cut off any push back from your guests before it even happens.

In our last post we talked about different ways that you can communicate to your guests that children aren’t invited. Maybe because you want to avoid a scenario like this one ->


Today we are go to talk a little bit about some things that you should consider when you are making this decision.

Is your wedding local to most of your guests?

If it is, this will make it much easier for your guests to make babysitting arrangements so they are able attend. Let’s face it, some parents aren’t terribly fond of spending a night away from their little ones (I was definitely guilty of that one when they were younger!!!)

If you are hosting an out of town or destination wedding, some of your guests may graciously bow out if they aren’t comfortable leaving their little ones behind!

The other BIG thing we didn’t talk about was the fact that sometimes exceptions may need to be made.

A few examples of these would be when you have guests with a newborn or a baby who is breast feeding, your flower girls, your ring bearers, does anyone in your bridal party have children?

Any “exception” can be a touchy subject and ultimately it is up to the bride and groom. If you decide no children, you can definitely stick to your guns to ensure none of your guests have hurt feelings. You will also have to understand that some of your guests may choose not to come if their young children are not invited.

I do think every wedding is different and every couples wishes are going to be different.

If you decide to make an exception for any of the above reasons, that is completely up to you. My only advice on this subject would be that if you DO make any exceptions, make sure you are prepared to tactfully respond to any guests who may not necessarily agree with your wishes. <- THIS IS OK! It is YOUR wedding and the more heartfelt your response is to them, the more understanding they will be!

From a personal stand point as a parent – I would prefer to have my kids at home enjoying themselves! (They are not babies anymore and I may have felt differently when they were teeny tiny). Alas, they are both in school so a night out kid free is rare event and very much appreciated!

PLUS – I don't know about you, but I don't know many children who can sit still for 10 minutes let alone an hour or more for all of the speeches!! 😉

Well, I hope that helps answer any additional questions that my last post created!

If there are more or any other topics that you would like to hear about, e-mail me at and I will do my best to post about it!

Have a wonderful night!

xo Danika


Fairy tales, graffiti and glittery gold….

Good Morning!!!!

Well, if you’re in my area maybe not a great morning.  The weather is not so nice, but I’m loving the fact that it’s a Snow Day today!  YAY!

You may be wondering what those things have in common. Well, not much at all actually.

If you’re in the area, you’ve most likely heard of The Creative Bride. A few months ago she asked if I would put together some invitations for a few booths she was decorating for local bridal shows.

There were a few different themes for a few amazing venues plus her seriously awesome and extremely original booth!

Check out some of the photos below!

The cream pocketfold and gold was one of my favourite designs and was put together for the Walper in Kitchener, Ontario.  It just had such a romantic feel.  The envelopes had sparkly liners in them with a subtle gold pattern of vintage flowers (LOVE LINERS!).



This was an Enchanted Forest theme for the Black Forest Inn


This graffiti theme was SO much fun and a little more challenging.  🙂  It isn’t often that I have a bride ask for graffiti themed stationery – well let’s say never!  Haha!  The place cards and table names were designed to look like a brick wall with paint splatters and graffiti writing on them.  The invitation, RSVP, and envelope wrap were designed to be a little more modern (note the heart on the envelope wrap with a tattoo vibe).


Have a fabulous day and check out the amazing venues, decor/planner, photographer, and of course little old me (stationery) at the links below!

Most importantly….have a fabulous day!!!!!!

xo Danika

Stationery – Uptown Designs

Decor/Planning – The Creative Bride

Photography – One 2 One Photography

Gold Theme – Walper Hotel

Enchanted Forest Theme – The Black Forest Inn

Confetti at your wedding?

Image Source : Polka Dot Bride

If you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE photography…

I am constantly impressed with the shots photographers are able to captured.

Image Source : Snippet & Ink

This one below is one of my favourites!

This couple looks like they are having the time of their lives!!!!!!

Image Source : Snippet & Ink

Yes, I know…super short post today.

I do hope you enjoyed the photos though!

Have a great Thursday!

xo Danika

Vintage love

Happy Friday!

It’s getting a little bit cooler out and a LOT closer to Christmas.  I am no where close to finished my shopping, and December 1st is tomorrow!  Seriously though, I love this time of year.  🙂  Christmas music, baking (more than I would like to admit!  haha!).  My three year old is so crazy excited, he can barely control himself.

With all of that, I thought I would take a step back (or ahead) in time and talk about a sweet summer wedding.  More specifically…a vintage inspired summer wedding.

Do you love vintage inspired weddings?

I for one am totally in LOVE with them. To me, the colours have such a romantic feel and when I came across this wedding, I felt like I wanted to get married all over again!

Everything about the wedding in these pictures screams love to me.

I can’t quite decide which is my favourite detail…I love the table numbers….

The dresses are soft and perfectly co-ordinated with the decor of the wedding.

The centrepieces are to die for…

I kind of think the seating chart is my favourite little detail though…..

Have a fabulous Friday!!

xo Danika

What’s your wedding style?

A friend of mine recently shared this photo with me.

Gorgeous, isn’t it?  An intimate garden wedding….ahhhhhh…I think this is perfection.  Romantic, intimate, casual.

Image Source: Holly Mathis Interiors

Have you though about how you would like your guests to describe your wedding?

That’s a loaded question, isn’t it?

If you’re getting married, I’m guessing you’ve probably spent hours scouring the internet trying to find a style that fits your personality.  I know I did when I was getting married.

Once you figure out your wedding style, then comes the real work.  Usually the dress, venue, photographers, and invitations are on your mind first, right?  (If you’d like some recommendations, check out our website at for our trusted list of vendors!)

When you start thinking about your invitations , you should try to figure out what you want your invitation to convey to your guests.  From the invitation, they should get an idea of what style of wedding you are having, which will help them decide what they should wear!

The invitation below was designed for an intimate wedding that was being held at an Italian restaurant.

This was designed for a couple having an intimate wedding at an Italian restaurant.

This invitation would also work for a wedding in a barn like this one ->

Image Source

Kind of perfect, wouldn’t you say?
I thought so too!  🙂

Make sure your wedding style is yours though!  Your wedding day is probably going to be one of the most important AND memorable days of your life.  Make it you….
Have a fabulous Saturday!

xo Danika

Chopped Challenge for the bride and groom……

Yes, you heard correctly!  Chopped challenge.  If you watch the food Network, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This post isn’t really about going on a tv show before your big day though…it’s about a slightly different idea for your guest book.

I know I’ve written about guest books before and I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas for this particular wedding tradition.  The days of the good old guest book are on their way out (hopefully!).  No offense to anyone who is going that route, but I know myself, that book would be covered in dust never to be opened again.

Enough about me….this is my new favourite guest book idea!

Image Source : Life in the Greenhouse

You may have seen this idea before…you may have seen these at a bridal shower or read about a “Date night jar” on someone’s blog.  Either way, it’s a pretty fun way for your guests to leave some cool ideas for your coming year(s) together.

The idea is pretty simple.  Red popsicle sticks for a potentially expensive date (think weekend away at a winery, bed and breakfast, dinner at your favourite restaurant) I’m sure you get the idea.  Pink popsicle sticks would be for a date night out that is a little less costly (dinner and a movie, night at the drive in, mini-putt).  The third popsicle option would be for a stay at home date that may require a little planning – this is where the chopped challenge fits in, you could also do popcorn and a Sons of Anarchy marathon (at least that’s what it would be in my house), pizza and board games, etc.

Such a fun idea and if you’re already married with children like I am, this is a pretty great idea to keep the date nights happening!!!

Have a fabulous Thursday!!
xo Danika


Destination Outer Banks, North Carolina

Happy Monday!!!

By the time you read this, I should be on the beach soaking up the rays with my bestie watching my husband boogie board in his own style and my 3 year old son run screaming from the waves.

Some of you may know that I spent quite a few years living in Virginia Beach, Virginia. You may also know that my favourite vacation spot is in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. If you aren’t familiar with this little piece of heaven, it is a long string of islands that runs from the southern tip of Virginia all along the coast of North Carolina. Oh – and if you’ve read any Nicholas Sparks novels, then you’ve surely read about one of these places!

I love beach weddings. I love the more relaxed and romantic atmosphere, the sea breeze, the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore. It’s heaven to me. Plus, I’m happiest when I’m barefoot with my feet in the sand. 🙂

I L.O.V.E. this place setting. Casual but classy, beachy colours with the pink bouquets. I think my favourite is the plates on this table and I’d kind of like to find some for myself…..

This amazing wedding shot was taken less than a mile south from where we are. Same beach, same view. Can you say gorgeous?!?!?!?

Isn’t this couple cute???

So far this trip we’ve seen dolphins, pelicans, ghost crabs and jellyfish. Now, we’re just waiting for the sea turtles to emerge from their next. Now THAT would make this trip more memorable than it already is!!!

Have a fabulous Monday!!!!!

xo Danika

A practically perfect Sunday…

Happy Monday!!!!!!

This past weekend some friends and I went for a fabulous day of wine tasting at a few choice wineries in the Niagara region of Ontario.  We sampled a whole lot of wine, some yummy chocolates, and some seriously amazing cheese and I couldn’t resist sharing a little about these places with all of you(these could spark an idea for wedding location!)!

My favourite by far was Megalomaniac.  This winery is underground and set in the top of a hill overlooking Niagara and Hamilton.

I’m not sure if I was more impressed by the location or the branding of this company.  You can certainly tell the owner is passionate about wine and has a great sense of humour.  The wine is fabulous and honestly…who would name a Riesling “Narcissist” or a Pinot Noir named “sonofabitch” <- this wasn’t available yet, but you can bet that I’m going back for a bottle!

Wondering where the name of the winery came from? -> “What’s with the name? I originally wanted to christen these wines in my name, John Hovard,…and then my good friends accused me of being yet another”[profanity withheld] Megalomaniac”. Regrettably, the name stuck.”

Our second stop was at Vineland Estates Winery.

This winery really does have a lot to offer.  A restaurant, a carriage house where you can host an intimate wedding, or a bed and breakfast for an anniversary perhaps?

We sampled several wines and while I am usually a red drinker, this winery sold me on their St. Urban Riesling (couldn’t resist taking one of these home!).

They also had a variety of chocolates and my favourite?  Salt and pepper…yes I said salt and pepper CHOCOLATE.  We’ve all experience the salted caramel ice cream, or a chocolate bar with sea salt sprinkled on top, but the salt and pepper chocolate was surprisingly delicious!

Our third stop was Stoney Ridge.

The wine here was fabulous (my favourite being a dessert wine called “Passion”), but they also have a very impressive cheese shop.  Impressive may be a slight understatement.  They had Irish Dubliner cheese and Irish cheddar with Guiness, but by far my favourites were a carmelized onion, and a mango ginger stilton cheese <- this tasted like cheesecake.

There are so many wineries in the region, and I love how each one had their own personality that was conveyed through their wines.

What a fantastic day with some equally fantastic ladies.  I would love to do it again sometime (or maybe steal my husband away for a weekend!).

Have a fabulous Monday!

xo Danika

DIY Ice Illuminaries…..

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!  2012 is almost upon us!  I am amazed that 2011 is about to come to an end.  It’s been an amazing year…and a BIG year for my family.  We moved and renovated a house.  I can’t wait for my new front porch this spring summer.  I can guarantee you that it will showcase a few of these over the course of the winter next year!

You may have seen last month’s post on DIY Ice lanterns.  These are basically the same, but the variety I’ve got today should seriously get your creative juices flowing!

I don’t know about you, but if I were heading into an evening fete and these were lining the walkway, porch, whatever, I would be seriously impressed!

Image Source : Inspired DIY

Of course there are lots of options…like the shapes….

Image Source : Curbly

Or you could try round ones like these…

Image Source : Candgnews

Or you can add basically whatever you want to spruce them up.

Like cranberries…truly festive, no?

Image Source : Earth911

I think this one is my favourite…probably because of the variety.  I love the way these look on the rocks.

Image Source : Fresh home ideas

I’m thinking I would like to try something with glitter and pearls for NYE!  How gorgeous would that look????

Have a Happy New Years Eve all!  Be safe and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

xo Danika

All that glitters…part deux

If you read yesterday’s post, then you know we’re talking about New Year’s Eve.  Specifically New Year’s Eve weddings!!!  I personally think that NYE is all about spending time with your close friends and family, which is why I think NYE weddings are kind of fabulous!

I’m also a bit of a girly girl.  Love shiny things, a little glitz, a little glamour.  I’m thinking that may be why I’m loving the trend for decor and fashion at NYE weddings.  Everything has got to sparkle.  Check out the grooms shirt below!  HELLO?!?!?

Image from : Design Sponge

Those silver shoes are pretty fabulous too!

The other great thing about New Year’s Eve is being able to do confetti and balloons without seeming a little off your rocker.  Haha.  Just kidding.

But seriously…check out the PHOTO OPS!!!!!

Confetti?  Yes please.  Let’s just say that the inner child of your guests will most likely rear their cute little heads to join in this NYE tradition.

Image from : the Knot

Of course, if you’re not really into the confetti option, there are always balloons!  Looks like fun right?  They’re not quite as messy.

Image Source : Dana Markos Events

Not matter what you do at your NYE wedding/bash, I guarantee your guests will have fun.  NYE is a time for celebration without throwing a wedding into.  Mix those two together, and you are guaranteed for one fabulous celebration.

xo Danika


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