Rain, rain, don’t go away quite yet……

Sounds odd to say, right? Especially on your wedding day?

The thing is that if you have a super fabulous photographer, then you are in luck. Yes, I know getting wet can be a little frustrating when you’re hair is done, make up is done, and you’re probably wearing the most beautiful gown you’ll wear in your life. The fact is that the memories you can capture with a little rain are phenomenal.

Take these photos for example ->;;;

Image Source : onewed.com

Are you in love with the colourful umbrellas as much as I am?

Photographers are like artists…teditions the best lighting to take your pictures in and can edit your photos to create the most amazing memories of your wedding day!

Like this one ->;;;

Image Source : Andrew Scott Photography

Can you imagine how perfect the timing had to be to get this one???

Image Photography by Martine Sansoucy

I’ve shown you this one before, but I LOVE IT!

Image Source : Flash Flavour

And if you’re a prepared bride, you may end up with some pictures of matching rain boots, although mis-matched is more fun in my humble opinion!!!!!

Image Source : Modern Weddings Hawaii

I hope I haven’t overwhelmed you with pictures, but I can’t get enough of wedding day shots with rain.

Have a fabulous day! (even though it’s miserable out!!)

xo Danika


DIY Ice Illuminaries…..

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!  2012 is almost upon us!  I am amazed that 2011 is about to come to an end.  It’s been an amazing year…and a BIG year for my family.  We moved and renovated a house.  I can’t wait for my new front porch this spring summer.  I can guarantee you that it will showcase a few of these over the course of the winter next year!

You may have seen last month’s post on DIY Ice lanterns.  These are basically the same, but the variety I’ve got today should seriously get your creative juices flowing!

I don’t know about you, but if I were heading into an evening fete and these were lining the walkway, porch, whatever, I would be seriously impressed!

Image Source : Inspired DIY

Of course there are lots of options…like the shapes….

Image Source : Curbly

Or you could try round ones like these…

Image Source : Candgnews

Or you can add basically whatever you want to spruce them up.

Like cranberries…truly festive, no?

Image Source : Earth911

I think this one is my favourite…probably because of the variety.  I love the way these look on the rocks.

Image Source : Fresh home ideas

I’m thinking I would like to try something with glitter and pearls for NYE!  How gorgeous would that look????

Have a Happy New Years Eve all!  Be safe and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

xo Danika

All that glitters…part deux

If you read yesterday’s post, then you know we’re talking about New Year’s Eve.  Specifically New Year’s Eve weddings!!!  I personally think that NYE is all about spending time with your close friends and family, which is why I think NYE weddings are kind of fabulous!

I’m also a bit of a girly girl.  Love shiny things, a little glitz, a little glamour.  I’m thinking that may be why I’m loving the trend for decor and fashion at NYE weddings.  Everything has got to sparkle.  Check out the grooms shirt below!  HELLO?!?!?

Image from : Design Sponge

Those silver shoes are pretty fabulous too!

The other great thing about New Year’s Eve is being able to do confetti and balloons without seeming a little off your rocker.  Haha.  Just kidding.

But seriously…check out the PHOTO OPS!!!!!

Confetti?  Yes please.  Let’s just say that the inner child of your guests will most likely rear their cute little heads to join in this NYE tradition.

Image from : the Knot

Of course, if you’re not really into the confetti option, there are always balloons!  Looks like fun right?  They’re not quite as messy.

Image Source : Dana Markos Events

Not matter what you do at your NYE wedding/bash, I guarantee your guests will have fun.  NYE is a time for celebration without throwing a wedding into.  Mix those two together, and you are guaranteed for one fabulous celebration.

xo Danika


All that glitters……

Wow…I can’t believe New Year’s Eve is THIS WEEK!  Why is it that the year just seems to have flown by??????

I kind of love New Year’s Eve.  More importantly, I love New Year’s Eve parties and I think the greatest New Year’s Eve parties are WEDDINGS!  I don’t know about you, but when I think of NYE weddings, I think of glitter, sparkles and most importantly glamour.

I love the idea of mini disco balls hanging from ribbons at a new years eve event.  I think the lights sparkling all night through the reflections of the mirrors creates a NYE ambiance I think!

Of course if you’re going for something a little more glam…this lighting option may be for you!!!!!!

Image Source : Koyal Wholesale

These should are perfect for a NYE wedding!  Or party for that matter (I want these!)!

Image Source : Shoes.com - The Carleton Heel

I love signature drinks at weddings and I guarantee that if you add these gold and silver rimmers from Roxi Spice to your signature drink, your guests will LOVE it!

Image Source : Roxi Spice

More glittery goodness coming tomorrow!

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika

DIY Ice Lanterns

Happy Friday all!

I love a good DIY project (I’m sure you’ve NEVER heard that from me before), and I’ve got a good one today.

Having an evening wedding this winter?  Or maybe just looking to add some extra fun decor outside your NYE party?

This little DIY project is definitely for you….

I found this on Design Sponge and I think this project is not only gorgeous, but totally doable!

Image and project from Design Sponge

The instructions are on the Designs Sponge site (click on the image to get there), but basically you fill a bucket half way with water, put a smaller bucket inside and weigh it down with some rocks.  Add some olive branches and berries for one like the picture below or anything basically that would tie into your event.

Leave the bucket outside to freeze, once frozen remove from buckets and voila!  Beautiful ice lanterns customized to your event!

Thanks for reading, give it a try (once it’s cold enough!) and have a fabulous weekend!

xo Danika

DIY with doilies

This picture pretty much made me stop dead in my tracks.

This is an awesome DIY lighting project for a backyard wedding (or your livingroom!).

All images from Blue Moss Girls.

I LOVE this idea...think I'm going to make one!

This is a super easy project (think paper mache from when you were a kid).  Totally doable for the DIY’er…or anyone for that matter.

Totally cute for a centrepiece....

Happy Friday…enjoy your weekend!

xo Danika

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