Chopped Challenge for the bride and groom……

Yes, you heard correctly!  Chopped challenge.  If you watch the food Network, then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This post isn’t really about going on a tv show before your big day though…it’s about a slightly different idea for your guest book.

I know I’ve written about guest books before and I am ALWAYS looking for new ideas for this particular wedding tradition.  The days of the good old guest book are on their way out (hopefully!).  No offense to anyone who is going that route, but I know myself, that book would be covered in dust never to be opened again.

Enough about me….this is my new favourite guest book idea!

Image Source : Life in the Greenhouse

You may have seen this idea before…you may have seen these at a bridal shower or read about a “Date night jar” on someone’s blog.  Either way, it’s a pretty fun way for your guests to leave some cool ideas for your coming year(s) together.

The idea is pretty simple.  Red popsicle sticks for a potentially expensive date (think weekend away at a winery, bed and breakfast, dinner at your favourite restaurant) I’m sure you get the idea.  Pink popsicle sticks would be for a date night out that is a little less costly (dinner and a movie, night at the drive in, mini-putt).  The third popsicle option would be for a stay at home date that may require a little planning – this is where the chopped challenge fits in, you could also do popcorn and a Sons of Anarchy marathon (at least that’s what it would be in my house), pizza and board games, etc.

Such a fun idea and if you’re already married with children like I am, this is a pretty great idea to keep the date nights happening!!!

Have a fabulous Thursday!!
xo Danika



All about guest books!!!

Most people have a guest book at their wedding these days;  it’s a place for your guests to write words of wisdom or well wishes for the couple to review for years to come!

The problem with traditional guest books is that they typically end up in a box somewhere never to be seen again and couples are looking for new and original ways to record these memories from their guests.

I often find my brides asking me for original guestbook ideas and these are some of my absolute favourites.

The wooden bench or chair – I adore this idea and I think if I were to get married again, I would use this!  You could have this in your garden or at the end of your bed.

I love the adirondack chair idea as well -> these are perfect for your back deck!

Another super cute idea is to have pre-cut pieces of material for your guests to write on and create a quilt!

There are so many other ideas, but the key is to find something that reflects you as a couple and have fun with it!!!

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