Etiquette – No kiddies please!

Helllllloooooo Tuesday!

It sure has been a while since I’ve posted on here. Our last series was all about the adventures of DIY invitations! If you missed that one, You can check out Part 1 here – DIY Part 1

As a stationery designer, I get a lot of questions about proper etiquette when it comes to wedding invitations….everything from wording to how to properly address your invitations so I have decided to put together a brand new series all about etiquette!

The first topic that we are going to address is how to communicate that your wedding is adults only. This decision could be for one of many reasons…you are having an evening wedding, black tie affair, or you would really just prefer to avoid screaming children distracting your guests from the main event like this one – >




Calm down folks! This is MY son at MY wedding. 😉 He stayed for the ceremony and about an hour of our wedding and I have to admit that we were much more relaxed once we knew that he was home and HAPPY!

The fact is that you have spent many many months planning your wedding and you want it to be perfect! (Or at least as close to perfection as possible!)

Let’s get back to the important stuff!

You’ve made the decision and now you need to communicate your wishes to your guests. Here are a few ways to do go about doing this:

1 – Address the envelopes properly! According to tradition, if the child is invited, their name should be included on the envelope below their parents names. We’ll elaborate on this hot topic in a later post all about addressing envelopes properly! (I know, exciting, right?!)

2 – You can indicate the number of guests on the RSVP card by wording it something like this :
“We have reserved ___ seats in your honour”. Before sending out your invitations, simply write the let number of guests that you are inviting on that line.

3 – You can call your guests individually. Some people may not understand your decision and your guests will most likely appreciate the extra gesture of speaking to you personally. This way you can also explain to them why this is important to you on your special day.


If you have something in particular that you are struggling with when it comes to etiquette regarding your stationery, drop me a line at and I will do my best to write a blog post just for you!


xo Danika



The Low-Down on DIY – Part 1

So, we’ve talked a little bit about custom invitations…now it’s time to talk DIY!

I’ll start by saying that I LOOOOOVE crafty brides! I love how passionate DIY’ers are about putting their own personal stamp into such an important life event! 🙂

***Trust me on this!  I was a TOTAL DIY bride and I still love trying out new projects!

I did my own invitations – stay tuned tomorrow for that photo.  😉

Here’s a perfect example of a recent project –  gigantic flowers that a photographer friend (Little Orchid Photography) and I made for a local Easter event! I still can’t get over how amazing they turned out!



Not bad, eh???



We used the tutorial on the Design Sponge website and made a few minor tweaks!

First things first…why do YOU want to go the DIY route?

Usually this decision is made for one of two reasons…

The first reason that I’d like to talk about is budget. Yes, we realize that this can be a scary word when it comes to weddings!

When you are thinking of making your invitations on your own solely for the purpose of saving money, there are a few things to consider:

Do you have the time to invest in making your invitations?

Do you enjoy being crafty?

So….ponder these quick questions and we will be back tomorrow with a brand new post that will delve into these little (possibly GIGANTIC) questions that we just posed.


Happy Wedding Wednesday to all of you beautiful brides (AND GROOMS) out there!!!


Have a fabulous day!


xo Danika


Fairy tales, graffiti and glittery gold….

Good Morning!!!!

Well, if you’re in my area maybe not a great morning.  The weather is not so nice, but I’m loving the fact that it’s a Snow Day today!  YAY!

You may be wondering what those things have in common. Well, not much at all actually.

If you’re in the area, you’ve most likely heard of The Creative Bride. A few months ago she asked if I would put together some invitations for a few booths she was decorating for local bridal shows.

There were a few different themes for a few amazing venues plus her seriously awesome and extremely original booth!

Check out some of the photos below!

The cream pocketfold and gold was one of my favourite designs and was put together for the Walper in Kitchener, Ontario.  It just had such a romantic feel.  The envelopes had sparkly liners in them with a subtle gold pattern of vintage flowers (LOVE LINERS!).



This was an Enchanted Forest theme for the Black Forest Inn


This graffiti theme was SO much fun and a little more challenging.  🙂  It isn’t often that I have a bride ask for graffiti themed stationery – well let’s say never!  Haha!  The place cards and table names were designed to look like a brick wall with paint splatters and graffiti writing on them.  The invitation, RSVP, and envelope wrap were designed to be a little more modern (note the heart on the envelope wrap with a tattoo vibe).


Have a fabulous day and check out the amazing venues, decor/planner, photographer, and of course little old me (stationery) at the links below!

Most importantly….have a fabulous day!!!!!!

xo Danika

Stationery – Uptown Designs

Decor/Planning – The Creative Bride

Photography – One 2 One Photography

Gold Theme – Walper Hotel

Enchanted Forest Theme – The Black Forest Inn

Are Custom Invitations right for you?

Happy Monday!!!!!!!

Who loves paper?  I do, I do!  That’s right, and this post is near and dear to my little heart.  It combines two things I love…paper and numbers.  Haha!  Yep, that’s right folks.  I’m a bit of a numbers nerd as well as a paper lover(AKA paper nerd)!

One of our recent designs here at Uptown Designs

Today we’re talking about budgets! Super exciting for me! Not so fun for many others, but just like every other detail, budgeting can be so important when it comes to your wedding.

Have you considered the options available? I’m thinking there are probably more than you think and today that is exactly what we’re talking about.  Most people underestimate the costs for good stationery – I mean it’s just paper, right?  Wrong.  And please, please don’t ever say something like this to a designer!  I feel a little stab in my heart every time I hear those words!  Stationery designers pour their heart and soul into every design to make you, the bride and groom, happy.

First you’ll have to figure out your stationery budget – when considering how much you want to spend, think about save the dates, invitations, table numbers, place cards, favour tags, donation cards, seating chart, and thank you cards.  While you don’t necessarily need all of those items,  you should think about what you can’t live without as well as some things that you would like to have. One thing to keep in mind is that some stationery designers will give a discount when you order day of stationery along with your invitations (we do this!).

Image Source : Taos Gifts

Once you figure out what your budget, the next step is to figure out what you would love to have in an invitation and see how to get everything that you would like.

Option 1 – Custom.  This of course is my favourite option because you will have such a fabulous piece of stationery that will incorporate your wedding vision and colours.  The best part?  Your guests will remember your invitations!!  If this is the route you are going, you would usually meet with a local designer to discuss the vision you have for your invitations.  Most stationers will also talk to you about your budget and can make suggestions so you can stay close to or within your budget while getting what you want out of your stationery.  They should definitely have samples from their portfolio (if not one of every invitation they’ve ever made) as well as all kinds of paper samples so you can see the fancy papers available for your invitations!
The designer would typically provide a quote within a few days and in most cases a deposit is required and then the designing begins! 

This bride and groom had a caricature drawn of the two of them, which was printed on the front of their invitation and the bride chose a patterned envelope liner to match her envelope!  (we can print the liners in almost any colour!)

Option 2 – Online shops.  There are a several different websites out there that have pre designed invitations for you to choose from.  Most of the time you can choose the colour of your ink, but the design would not be able to be changed. 

Option 3 – DIY.  If you are choosing this option because you love to DIY, then this may be right for you!  If you are going this route because you are trying to save money, you may want to consider everything that goes into an invitation.  Design time you will spend, paper – pretty paper isn’t cheap people!, printing, assembly time.  A little food for thought when it comes to DIY?  Most people need to purchase about 30% more supplies than expected and twice as much time as predicted.  Between the amount of time you will spend and the extra supplies you will need, your DIY venture will most likely be almost as much as the custom route!

Who knows – you might end up with an invitation like this one….

What do you think?

Have a fabulous day!!!

xo Danika

I heart my brides!!!!!

Man oh man is 2012 a busy year so far…And I  am LOVING it!  🙂

It’s May and I feel so unbelievably lucky to have worked with and continue to work with so many amazing brides to be!!  Why do I love working on wedding invitations with brides?  Well…because each bride has their own vision for their wedding day.  I love being able to hear how they picture their wedding to be and then to transform what they’ve communicated into a wedding invitation (and other stationery) that truly fits their personality as a couple and their idea for their wedding.

I really love it when they push me to my limits creatively too.  🙂

I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people so far and I can’t wait to work with so many more!

Here are a few of my recent favourites!  {I really do love them all!}

These were designed for a friend from high school {SO HONOURED – and a tad nervous- TO DO THESE FOR HER!}. She was married in India this past December.

I am so drawn to softer colours right now and I love the pale green, purple, and white with the grey pocket.

Here is a view of the inside…..same idea.

This was designed for a wedding with a vintage/cottage feel. Love this brides colours!

This couple was too much fun to work with and I love the custom stamp they chose for their RSVP envelopes!

I really do love grey……….

I am such a fan of envelope liners! They just add that little extra to tie everything in!

Thank you to everyone I’ve worked with so far this year (and to the ones I’m currently working).  You are the reason I do what I do – and make it possible for me to do something that I am truly in love with.

Happy wedding planning – and happy Wednesday!

xo Danika

Our first Bridal Show!!!!!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be a part of a really amazing bridal show.  The wedding ring (if you haven’t heard of these seriously amazing ladies, check out their website here – The wedding ring) hosted their first ever Winter Bridal Expo.  It was at the Waterloo Inn in Waterloo, Ontario and it was a fabulous turnout!!!!  I’m thinking the staff at the Ring had a few (alright MANY) sleepless nights leading up to this event, and all of their hard work seriously paid off!  Check it out below……

This is our booth!  The photo quality is not so great so I apologize!

Some of our invitations on display!

It was a seriously amazing event with lots of prizes, lots of wonderful vendors and SO MANY fabulous brides!  I thought I was losing my voice on Saturday from all the conversations I was having with brides.  I loved hearing about everyone’s wedding and I’m REALLY excited about all of the contacts that I made.

Some of our designs.......

And a few more………

Here is our DIY “section”

Our DIY section - The flowers were done by Jackie from The Flower Studio She does some amazing work!

I had a chance to meet so many amazing people this past weekend!  Vendors and brides alike!

I hope everyone had a great time at the show (and if you didn’t come, I hope you come to the next one!!!!!).

Thanks for stopping by if you were at the show and I hope to chat again soon!

Now, I’ve got quite a few quotes to work on!!!!!

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika

2011 in a nutshell…bring on 2012!!!

Happy New Year!

Wow….it’s hard to believe that 2011 is OVER…the year seemed to fly by so fast.  2011 was a super busy year for our family.  It was the first full year for Uptown Designs (Seriously exciting!).  We also bought a new home, which we renovated over the course of the summer and finally moved into the last weekend in August.  I’m REALLY excited about 2012.  It feels like it’s going to be an amazing year and it’s only January 2nd!!!

As a send off to 2011, I wanted to post some of my favourite designs of 2011 (yes, a little tooting of my own horn is in the works here).  Of course this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing brides that I had the honour of working with in 2011.  This is for all of you!

Personally, I am drawn to simple and elegant designs, which is why I kind of love the front of this invitation.  I designed this for a really sweet couple in April of this year originally and am working on a 2012 invitation right now with the same front.  🙂  It’s popular with the brides!

Grey, chartreuse, and white pocketfold invitation with bride and groom silhouette embossed on the front.

This particular invitation was another favourite!  The bride, Hanna really wanted a hand drawn picture of St. Lawrence Hall on her invitation as that is where her reception was.  She is also a little bit of an artist and drew the picture that I used in the design of this invitation.  I used the same picture on the envelope wrapper and I think it turned out pretty amazing!

Sparkling merlot, grey, and champagne Invitation

Here are some of my other favourites from 2011……

***All of the images in this post were taken by the very talented Angela Smith (she does wedding photography – Angela Smith Photography and baby photography – Along Came Baby)..oh…and ps…she was MY wedding photographer.

Thank you for helping me design something that was a reflection of your personality and your wedding! And a HUGE thank you for letting me play such a small part of your special day!  🙂

I’d also like to say a quick thank you to my friends and family for being so supportive during the first year of Uptown Designs being in business!!!

2012 is shaping up to be a busy year and I am so excited for everything in the works with our family and with Uptown Designs!!!

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2012!!!!!!!

xo Danika

p.s. – There are a few other favourites of mine from 2011, but those will be getting their own personal post in the coming weeks!

Sneak Peek – Allie and Matt

Apparently I’m feeling rather ambitious on a Saturday morning at 7am (before coffee?!?!?!?!) and this blog has been in the works (in my mind) for a while so here we go!

I love everything about weddings!  Seriously everything!  So…I started writing this blog a few months back and I figured it was time that I started showing you all some of MY work as well.  🙂  SO EXCITING!  I’ll be posting about some of the brides I work with and their fabulous stationery starting Monday, but I figured I might as well give you a little sneak peek!

I first met Allie along with her mom Val to talk about her wedding invitations back in February of this year and I knew when I met her that her wedding would be a stunning, and so would she.  She knew exactly what she wanted too, which makes my job a little easier!  Her vision was hot pink, black and damask…classy with a touch of fun!  Her wedding was at her parents home in Listowel, Ontario, but it was no backyard wedding.  Allie is classy and her wedding could be nothing but!

Here are her wedding invitations…including damask envelope liner to match her decor (you’ll see!!!!!)

Photo Credit : Angela Smith Photography

Here is a shot of the bride and groom on their wedding day…gorgeous, eh?  I’ll be posting all about her fabulous wedding on Monday!

Image Source : Brenda Coghlin Photography

Have a fabulous weekend!  I need a coffee now!  😉

xo Danika

DIY with doilies – Vintage wedding style

Happy Friday!!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog about crafts with doilies and I was totally amazed with some of the things I found so I thought I would bring it back a second time!

I mean, who knew there were SO many things you could do with these little treasures?!  I certainly didn’t.  I thought these were just things my grandma used under the candy dish!

The things you can do with doilies are close to endless and if you’re having a wedding with a vintage feel, these are definitely for you!

These doily inner envelopes will certainly give your guests a feel of what to expect at your wedding.

Image Source:

These programs are cute and most important an easy DIY project!

Image Source: Style Me Pretty

There are so many options for decor and here are just a few:

Image Source: Elizabeth Anne Designs

Doily Plate decor - From Etsy

Image Source La Vie Inspirations

This cake is amazing….if you’re going for a vintage feel, this is definitely it.  The only problem?  It’s almost too pretty to eat!!!

Image Source: La Vie Inspirations

And for the finale….the DRESS!  This is the ultimate DIY project and this bride did it…from the pattern to the finished project and the end result is breathtaking!

Image Source

Have a fabulous weekend!

xo Danika

In love with envelope wraps!

How could you not fall in love with something so fun???  I didn’t know about envelope wraps when I got married, and I would seriously consider doing it all again just to use them on the outside of MY envelopes!  Well…maybe.

These envelope wraps were recently designed for a bride getting married at St. Lawrence Hall in Toronto.  This is such an easy way to dress up an envelope.  Forget about boring old address labels on the front of your envelopes!

These can be customized to match your invitations, which creates that sneak peak before your guests even open the envelope.

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