I think I wanna marry you!

Happy Thursday!  You know what that means, right?  It’s almost the weekend!  I can’t believe how much this week has flown by…did I mention we are also one day closer to the next SAMCRO episode?  I am an addict.  For sure.  And Kurt Sutter really left us hanging by a thread this week though.
Enough about my love, and onto someone else’s.  🙂

I realize that if you ever watch proposal videos, then you have most likely seen this one before.   This one is by far my favourite though!  I love it!  The emotion on this girls face is so incredible that I was laughing and crying right along with her when I watch.  I also kind of love the song!

Here is the back story…

On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, I told my girlfriend to meet me at my parent’s house for dinner. When she arrived I had stationed my brother to sit her in the back of an open Honda CRV and give her some headphones. He “wanted to play her a song”…

What she got instead was the world’s first Live Lip-Dub Proposal.


Did you love it as much as I do?

Do you have another proposal video that you love even more?  Send it to me!  I would love to see it!


Have a super fabulous Thursday!

xo Danika


Anti cheating wedding band???

Image Source : thecheeky.com

Happy Briday!!!!!

Yes you heard right, I said anti-cheating wedding band.

I was listening to the radio yesterday and was really curious when they mentioned “anti cheating wedding band”.  I mean, is it like a dog bark collar that sprays them in the face or gives them a shock?  Not so much.  The ring has the word Married negatively imprinted on the band so it literally creates an imprint of the word on your finger.  Of course, you have to wear the ring too small in order to make that happen so I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too comfortable.

These rings have created quite the buzz over the past few days and I had to share.  Who the heck is going to get married thinking their spouse will cheat on them at some point during their marriage???  Can you say deal breaker?  Isn’t there a part of your vows that says you with be faithful?  Yep, that’s right, there is.  And really…if you think a ring that imprints the word married (temporarily) is going to stop someone from cheating, you may want to come back to reality.

The idea for this ring came from Colin Hart and his comedian wife Anna Ryan when they were engaged in Vancouver about a year ago and initially started as a joke:

“We just did it as a laugh. We’ve only sold three or four of them so far but we’re starting to get a lot of orders. The best part, I have to be honest, is that it’s creating a little of a debate in society about the purpose of a wedding ring.”  says Colin Hart.

If you bought this as a joke, I guess I could get on board.  If you’re honestly going into a marriage feeling as though your future husband is going to take off his ring and cheat, then you should probably rethink the relationship.

Oh – notice how I only said “future husband” above?  Yep, that’s right…the ring is apparently only available for men at this point since, you know….apparently men are the only ones cheating?!?!?  Although, maybe that’s part of the whole joke.

Don’t get me wrong, I think if you’re buying this ring assuming that your fiance will be unfaithful at some point in your relationship, then you probably shouldn’t be walking down the aisle in the first place.  I love weddings, but I also believe in lasting relationships.  Make sure you’re marrying a keeper people!  🙂

What are your thoughts on this one?

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

xo Danika

A practically perfect Sunday…

Happy Monday!!!!!!

This past weekend some friends and I went for a fabulous day of wine tasting at a few choice wineries in the Niagara region of Ontario.  We sampled a whole lot of wine, some yummy chocolates, and some seriously amazing cheese and I couldn’t resist sharing a little about these places with all of you(these could spark an idea for wedding location!)!

My favourite by far was Megalomaniac.  This winery is underground and set in the top of a hill overlooking Niagara and Hamilton.

I’m not sure if I was more impressed by the location or the branding of this company.  You can certainly tell the owner is passionate about wine and has a great sense of humour.  The wine is fabulous and honestly…who would name a Riesling “Narcissist” or a Pinot Noir named “sonofabitch” <- this wasn’t available yet, but you can bet that I’m going back for a bottle!

Wondering where the name of the winery came from? -> “What’s with the name? I originally wanted to christen these wines in my name, John Hovard,…and then my good friends accused me of being yet another”[profanity withheld] Megalomaniac”. Regrettably, the name stuck.”

Our second stop was at Vineland Estates Winery.

This winery really does have a lot to offer.  A restaurant, a carriage house where you can host an intimate wedding, or a bed and breakfast for an anniversary perhaps?

We sampled several wines and while I am usually a red drinker, this winery sold me on their St. Urban Riesling (couldn’t resist taking one of these home!).

They also had a variety of chocolates and my favourite?  Salt and pepper…yes I said salt and pepper CHOCOLATE.  We’ve all experience the salted caramel ice cream, or a chocolate bar with sea salt sprinkled on top, but the salt and pepper chocolate was surprisingly delicious!

Our third stop was Stoney Ridge.

The wine here was fabulous (my favourite being a dessert wine called “Passion”), but they also have a very impressive cheese shop.  Impressive may be a slight understatement.  They had Irish Dubliner cheese and Irish cheddar with Guiness, but by far my favourites were a carmelized onion, and a mango ginger stilton cheese <- this tasted like cheesecake.

There are so many wineries in the region, and I love how each one had their own personality that was conveyed through their wines.

What a fantastic day with some equally fantastic ladies.  I would love to do it again sometime (or maybe steal my husband away for a weekend!).

Have a fabulous Monday!

xo Danika

Spring has sprung…..

Wasn’t it two weeks ago that I was longing for beach weather?  I think my wish must have been granted because it is like summer here.  IN CANADA.  IN MARCH.  Can you believe it?

Spring is definitely here and hopefully it’s here to stay!  This weather is definitely getting me all giddy for spring, which also brings some awesome outdoor wedding and engagement shoots!

Take this one for example.

Amazing, right?  Romantic, breathtaking, dreamy.  All I know is that I am in love with this shoot taken at a farm where the groom to be spent much of his childhood.  It’s a perfect backdrop for a gorgeous couple.  I know this much:  with engagement photos this beautiful I’ll be keeping an eye out for their wedding photos so keep your eye out!

Hope you’re enjoying the summer like weather!

xo Danika

Images are from A Paper Proposal Blog.

Photos taken by Yulia M. Photography.

Happy Valentine’s day!

I’m a bit of a girly girl.  That’s right, I said it.  I like pink.  I like red.  I like hearts.  I also like flowers, chocolates, and sappy movies.  I also don’t necessarily think you need a special day to prove how much you love someone, but it is kind of fun wouldn’t you say?  My perfect Valentine’s day?  Cooking dinner at home and watching a romantic movie with my husband…think the Notebook.  🙂

Valentine’s day is however a great excuse to throw a theme into your engagement pictures!

Think lots of hearts, red, pink, and maybe a cupids arrow?

This photo shoot by Simply Bloom Photography has all of that!

Yes, she has wings.  LOVE IT!

This photo is my favourite!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day with someone you love!!!

xo Danika

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