The Low Down on DIY – Part 3

Happy Monday to everyone!!!

We’re finally back with a doozy of a post to wrap up our DIY

If you haven’ read the first two parts in this series, you can start with Part 1 here ->

Now it’ stone to get down to the nitty gritty!

The REAL work comes next!

And by real work, I mean the designing, the printing, and the CUTTING! I you’re doing pocketfolds, or anything that requires layers of paper, we can’t forget about the glueing!

Designing – if you aren’t confident with the design aspect, you can buy a design that is ready to print.

Here is a sample of one that we currently offer in our Etsy shop –

Stationery designed by: Photography by:

Stationery designed by:
Photography by:

More of those are coming as well!

Now for the time…..have you put much thought into this? No? Well, let me break it down for you.

Did you book a minimum of 20 hours of your time to invest in this? You may think I am joking about this amount of time, but putting your invitations will take time and most likely more time than what you are thinking. My suggestion would be to guess how much time it will take you and then double it! The last thing you want to do is stress about how little time you have to get them done.

Did you purchase extra supplies just in case you make a mistake? I do this for a living and I STILL make mistakes. I usually recommend to purchase a minimum of 15% extra supplies when you’re putting them together. If you end up having some leftover, you can always use it for signage at your reception!

The tools are one part that people don’t even consider and you really should as this can add a considerable dollar amount to your budget!

Do you have all of the tools that you may need?

Depending on your design, you will definitely need something to cut with.

You can definitely use a fiskars trimmer, which is most likely the most cost effective option. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase additional blades, which will add to your overall costs!  Depending on the tool, blades can be as much as $14.99 for a TWO pack and you will go through at least two packs for 100 invitations.

Adhesives – this is one thing that I am a bit particular about. 😉 you see, I love DIY, and I love receiving DIY invitations. My big pet peeve is when I receive a DIY invitation and it falls apart within 3 days of receiving it!

Yes, this has happened.

Please, please, please use something that will not come apart when your guests decides to pick up your gorgeous invite the day before the wedding and it falls apart in their hands. I use a paper glue that is available at most scrapbooking stores and it is practically like crazy glue for paper! I have invitations that I put together 5 years ago and I guarantee that they won’t fall apart!

With every aspect of the DIY project I think the first step is always –
Do your research! Make sure you take your time on this step. The last thing you want is to make costly mistakes that end up increasing your budget greater than having someone else do them for you!

I think with any project, the MOST important thing to remember is that DIY projects are supposed to be fun!

Give yourself extra time and BE PREPARED and you will be successful!

If there are any DIY topics that you are curious about, shoot me a message and I would be happy to write something about it!

Have a fabulous day!!!

xo Danika



We are now offering customized printable invitations!

YAY!!!  Big news, right????

Yes, we are now offering a brand new service to attempt to accommodate all of you wonderful (and handy) DIY’ers!


I’m a DIY’er at heart, and sometimes projects that I undertake require a bit of an experts touch….this is where our new stationery line comes into play.

Our first design that we are offering this service on is this gorgeous monogram invitation set!  You can use this for engagement invitations, save the dates, anniversary parties, weddings, birthdays…and old reason to have a party with your loved one!



Designed by : Photography by :


If DIY floats your boat and you love this design as much as we do, you can also stop by our Etsy shop to purchase!  We’ll customize the wording and send you the print ready files!  It’s as simple as that!  (well…almost!)  And if you need fabulous high quality supplies, we can help you out there too!


Stay tuned for more print ready designs coming next week!


As always, have a fabulous day!


xo Danika


The Low-Down on DIY part 2

Good Morning!

First things first…I had a little glitch on Wednesday and you may have received a tiny little teaser of today’s post!

Good news! Today it’s the real thing!!! 😉

So, hopefully you’ve read our first little blog on this topic because we are raring to go with some tips and some realities of DIY!

The first place to start is to figure out what style of invitations you would like. Simple, one layer of paper? Something with a backing? Pocketfold?

Are you looking for something with an elaborate design? Or would understated elegance be closer to your vision?

Once you figure out those basics, it’s time to get down to business.

Are you going to design your invitation or will you hire someone to design your invitation for you?

If design isn’t one of your strengths, I have some good news for you! There are a lot of options for you!

Many designers (including little old me) offer print ready design only services.

You can also check sites like Etsy for customizable designs that you can purchase and print yourself! (We do this too!)

Check out our shop here ->
Uptown Designs on Etsy

They key is to do your research and figure out which option is best for you!

We have lots more advice on this subject so stay tuned for #3 of our DIY series coming next week!

As promised, here is my little invitation from my wedding!



Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

xo Danika

Are Custom Invitations right for you?

Happy Monday!!!!!!!

Who loves paper?  I do, I do!  That’s right, and this post is near and dear to my little heart.  It combines two things I love…paper and numbers.  Haha!  Yep, that’s right folks.  I’m a bit of a numbers nerd as well as a paper lover(AKA paper nerd)!

One of our recent designs here at Uptown Designs

Today we’re talking about budgets! Super exciting for me! Not so fun for many others, but just like every other detail, budgeting can be so important when it comes to your wedding.

Have you considered the options available? I’m thinking there are probably more than you think and today that is exactly what we’re talking about.  Most people underestimate the costs for good stationery – I mean it’s just paper, right?  Wrong.  And please, please don’t ever say something like this to a designer!  I feel a little stab in my heart every time I hear those words!  Stationery designers pour their heart and soul into every design to make you, the bride and groom, happy.

First you’ll have to figure out your stationery budget – when considering how much you want to spend, think about save the dates, invitations, table numbers, place cards, favour tags, donation cards, seating chart, and thank you cards.  While you don’t necessarily need all of those items,  you should think about what you can’t live without as well as some things that you would like to have. One thing to keep in mind is that some stationery designers will give a discount when you order day of stationery along with your invitations (we do this!).

Image Source : Taos Gifts

Once you figure out what your budget, the next step is to figure out what you would love to have in an invitation and see how to get everything that you would like.

Option 1 – Custom.  This of course is my favourite option because you will have such a fabulous piece of stationery that will incorporate your wedding vision and colours.  The best part?  Your guests will remember your invitations!!  If this is the route you are going, you would usually meet with a local designer to discuss the vision you have for your invitations.  Most stationers will also talk to you about your budget and can make suggestions so you can stay close to or within your budget while getting what you want out of your stationery.  They should definitely have samples from their portfolio (if not one of every invitation they’ve ever made) as well as all kinds of paper samples so you can see the fancy papers available for your invitations!
The designer would typically provide a quote within a few days and in most cases a deposit is required and then the designing begins! 

This bride and groom had a caricature drawn of the two of them, which was printed on the front of their invitation and the bride chose a patterned envelope liner to match her envelope!  (we can print the liners in almost any colour!)

Option 2 – Online shops.  There are a several different websites out there that have pre designed invitations for you to choose from.  Most of the time you can choose the colour of your ink, but the design would not be able to be changed. 

Option 3 – DIY.  If you are choosing this option because you love to DIY, then this may be right for you!  If you are going this route because you are trying to save money, you may want to consider everything that goes into an invitation.  Design time you will spend, paper – pretty paper isn’t cheap people!, printing, assembly time.  A little food for thought when it comes to DIY?  Most people need to purchase about 30% more supplies than expected and twice as much time as predicted.  Between the amount of time you will spend and the extra supplies you will need, your DIY venture will most likely be almost as much as the custom route!

Who knows – you might end up with an invitation like this one….

What do you think?

Have a fabulous day!!!

xo Danika

Cupcakes and roses…a perfectly delectable combination!

I keep thinking today should be Friday.  This week just seems to be dragging on and on and on….maybe it has something to do with the fact that my head is so stuffy I feel like I’m living in a daze.  Haha!

The weather has gotten quite a bit cooler this week and sweater weather is definitely on it’s way!  (I kinda love sweater weather because that means it’s SOUP weather – I LOVE soup!)

My husband on the other hand love anything with sugar, which brings me to the whole theme of this particular post.


Actually…it’s more like cupcakes + flowers = the most delectable centre pieces I have ever come across.

How gorgeous is this mantle?  I know – no cupcakes, but those are on the tables.  There’s no use wasting yummy goodness on a mantle, right?!

Image Source : Glamour and Grace
Photograph taken by : Melissa Moss Photography

I came across this wedding while reading Glamour and Grace’s blog. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you probably should! Anyway…..after glimpsing this picture, I knew I had to see more. As if this little cake (or in this case cupcake) topper of a bride and groom on a bicycle isn’t cute enough, wait until you see the way this bride incorporated dessert and flowers into her centrepieces!

Image Source: Glamour and Grace
Photographs taken by Marissa Moss Photography

Just like most of us, this particular bride was trying to stick to her budget, which isn’t always easy when you’re planning a wedding!

She stuck to her guns and got seriously creative.  She found a way to incorporate her desserts and flowers into her centrepieces.  She enlisted the help of her friends to scour the state for Opulent Treasures cupcake stands and with the help of her florist and baker, they came up with these scrumptious centrepieces.

Image Source: Glamour and Grace
Photographs taken by Marissa Moss Photography

I hope I haven’t made you too hungry this morning…

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika

For the love of cake!!!!

If you’ve read my blog before, you may know that my husband has a serious sweet tooth.  Last fall I was in charge of dessert for our family Thanksgiving at my mom’s place in Bayfield Ontario.  I baked a a carrot cake and a cheesecake the day before we were heading up there.  By the time we left the house, there was only half of a carrot cake left…my wonderful husband ate almost half of the entire cake!!  At least the cheesecake was huge.  Hahaha!

This post is dedicated to his sweet tooth!

Options for your wedding cake are endless.  The only limitation really is your imagination…and finding the right bakery/cake artist!

Image Source : Sweet and Saucy Shop

I love the stripes on this cake!!!!!!

Image Source : Amanda Oakleaf Cakes

This cake is understated, but I am thinking that it would take some serious talent to design!

Image Source :

This cake is super cute and was designed for the wedding of some self proclaimed nerds!  Love it!

Image Source :

As with anything wedding related, take your time and make sure you find the right person to bring your personality into every aspect of your wedding!

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika

Happy Valentine’s day!

I’m a bit of a girly girl.  That’s right, I said it.  I like pink.  I like red.  I like hearts.  I also like flowers, chocolates, and sappy movies.  I also don’t necessarily think you need a special day to prove how much you love someone, but it is kind of fun wouldn’t you say?  My perfect Valentine’s day?  Cooking dinner at home and watching a romantic movie with my husband…think the Notebook.  🙂

Valentine’s day is however a great excuse to throw a theme into your engagement pictures!

Think lots of hearts, red, pink, and maybe a cupids arrow?

This photo shoot by Simply Bloom Photography has all of that!

Yes, she has wings.  LOVE IT!

This photo is my favourite!

Have a wonderful Valentine’s day with someone you love!!!

xo Danika

Hearts a plenty – Inspired by V-Day

I can’t believe it’s Thursday already!  I’ve totally been slacking on the blogging front over the past week or so as I was planning a little fete for my hubby at a local restaurant.  Including a SAMCRO(Sons of anarchy) cake that was seriously amazing (will post pics)!!

That post will come in a few days, but this post I am dedicating to my love of pink, hearts, and the little details.  What are we talking about here?  V-day!  Yep…Valentine’s day is coming up soon and I personally am a sucker for Valentine’s day!  I truly am a lover of this holiday.  Really!  For the record, that does not mean that I want chocolates and flowers as  I personally would prefer a pretty bouquet from the farmers market on some random day than Valentine’s day.  🙂  Simple!

I do however love the little details that can be incorporated into a Valentine’e day wedding!

One great example is this picture below!  A group shot of all of your friends and family releasing red heart balloons on your wedding day.  Cute photo op, eh?  Yep, thought you may agree!  🙂

                       Image Source: Love and Lavender

Of course there are so many other ways to incorporate hearts in a subtle way…

Image Source pinterest

And the best part?  These little cuties are totally DIY – if you have some extra time on your hands!

Of course you can’t forget the food!  I for one wouldn’t like a heart shaped cake, but I thought this was a super cute cake idea.

Image Source :

Check out the entire dessert table!

Image Source :

Keep it simple and fun.  Of course if you want your venue to look like a sea of red and pink, totally up to you.

Sweet and simple is best in my eyes.  Like these pink peonies.  I LOVE peonies!

Image Source Hip Hip Gin Gin

Happy Thursday!

xo Danika

Our first Bridal Show!!!!!

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be a part of a really amazing bridal show.  The wedding ring (if you haven’t heard of these seriously amazing ladies, check out their website here – The wedding ring) hosted their first ever Winter Bridal Expo.  It was at the Waterloo Inn in Waterloo, Ontario and it was a fabulous turnout!!!!  I’m thinking the staff at the Ring had a few (alright MANY) sleepless nights leading up to this event, and all of their hard work seriously paid off!  Check it out below……

This is our booth!  The photo quality is not so great so I apologize!

Some of our invitations on display!

It was a seriously amazing event with lots of prizes, lots of wonderful vendors and SO MANY fabulous brides!  I thought I was losing my voice on Saturday from all the conversations I was having with brides.  I loved hearing about everyone’s wedding and I’m REALLY excited about all of the contacts that I made.

Some of our designs.......

And a few more………

Here is our DIY “section”

Our DIY section - The flowers were done by Jackie from The Flower Studio She does some amazing work!

I had a chance to meet so many amazing people this past weekend!  Vendors and brides alike!

I hope everyone had a great time at the show (and if you didn’t come, I hope you come to the next one!!!!!).

Thanks for stopping by if you were at the show and I hope to chat again soon!

Now, I’ve got quite a few quotes to work on!!!!!

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika

DIY Ice Illuminaries…..

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!  2012 is almost upon us!  I am amazed that 2011 is about to come to an end.  It’s been an amazing year…and a BIG year for my family.  We moved and renovated a house.  I can’t wait for my new front porch this spring summer.  I can guarantee you that it will showcase a few of these over the course of the winter next year!

You may have seen last month’s post on DIY Ice lanterns.  These are basically the same, but the variety I’ve got today should seriously get your creative juices flowing!

I don’t know about you, but if I were heading into an evening fete and these were lining the walkway, porch, whatever, I would be seriously impressed!

Image Source : Inspired DIY

Of course there are lots of options…like the shapes….

Image Source : Curbly

Or you could try round ones like these…

Image Source : Candgnews

Or you can add basically whatever you want to spruce them up.

Like cranberries…truly festive, no?

Image Source : Earth911

I think this one is my favourite…probably because of the variety.  I love the way these look on the rocks.

Image Source : Fresh home ideas

I’m thinking I would like to try something with glitter and pearls for NYE!  How gorgeous would that look????

Have a Happy New Years Eve all!  Be safe and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!

xo Danika

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