No kiddies please – Part Two

Well, apparently this is one hot topic so we are going to get just a little more in depth with this one!

As a bride or groom, communicating your wishes for your special day can be a little bit challenging…there will always be one person (perhaps more) who disagree with how you choose to do things.

This can cause unnecessary stress during what is one of the most important times in your life.

The thing is, how you approach the situation can definitely cut off any push back from your guests before it even happens.

In our last post we talked about different ways that you can communicate to your guests that children aren’t invited. Maybe because you want to avoid a scenario like this one ->


Today we are go to talk a little bit about some things that you should consider when you are making this decision.

Is your wedding local to most of your guests?

If it is, this will make it much easier for your guests to make babysitting arrangements so they are able attend. Let’s face it, some parents aren’t terribly fond of spending a night away from their little ones (I was definitely guilty of that one when they were younger!!!)

If you are hosting an out of town or destination wedding, some of your guests may graciously bow out if they aren’t comfortable leaving their little ones behind!

The other BIG thing we didn’t talk about was the fact that sometimes exceptions may need to be made.

A few examples of these would be when you have guests with a newborn or a baby who is breast feeding, your flower girls, your ring bearers, does anyone in your bridal party have children?

Any “exception” can be a touchy subject and ultimately it is up to the bride and groom. If you decide no children, you can definitely stick to your guns to ensure none of your guests have hurt feelings. You will also have to understand that some of your guests may choose not to come if their young children are not invited.

I do think every wedding is different and every couples wishes are going to be different.

If you decide to make an exception for any of the above reasons, that is completely up to you. My only advice on this subject would be that if you DO make any exceptions, make sure you are prepared to tactfully respond to any guests who may not necessarily agree with your wishes. <- THIS IS OK! It is YOUR wedding and the more heartfelt your response is to them, the more understanding they will be!

From a personal stand point as a parent – I would prefer to have my kids at home enjoying themselves! (They are not babies anymore and I may have felt differently when they were teeny tiny). Alas, they are both in school so a night out kid free is rare event and very much appreciated!

PLUS – I don't know about you, but I don't know many children who can sit still for 10 minutes let alone an hour or more for all of the speeches!! 😉

Well, I hope that helps answer any additional questions that my last post created!

If there are more or any other topics that you would like to hear about, e-mail me at and I will do my best to post about it!

Have a wonderful night!

xo Danika


The Low Down on DIY – Part 3

Happy Monday to everyone!!!

We’re finally back with a doozy of a post to wrap up our DIY

If you haven’ read the first two parts in this series, you can start with Part 1 here ->

Now it’ stone to get down to the nitty gritty!

The REAL work comes next!

And by real work, I mean the designing, the printing, and the CUTTING! I you’re doing pocketfolds, or anything that requires layers of paper, we can’t forget about the glueing!

Designing – if you aren’t confident with the design aspect, you can buy a design that is ready to print.

Here is a sample of one that we currently offer in our Etsy shop –

Stationery designed by: Photography by:

Stationery designed by:
Photography by:

More of those are coming as well!

Now for the time…..have you put much thought into this? No? Well, let me break it down for you.

Did you book a minimum of 20 hours of your time to invest in this? You may think I am joking about this amount of time, but putting your invitations will take time and most likely more time than what you are thinking. My suggestion would be to guess how much time it will take you and then double it! The last thing you want to do is stress about how little time you have to get them done.

Did you purchase extra supplies just in case you make a mistake? I do this for a living and I STILL make mistakes. I usually recommend to purchase a minimum of 15% extra supplies when you’re putting them together. If you end up having some leftover, you can always use it for signage at your reception!

The tools are one part that people don’t even consider and you really should as this can add a considerable dollar amount to your budget!

Do you have all of the tools that you may need?

Depending on your design, you will definitely need something to cut with.

You can definitely use a fiskars trimmer, which is most likely the most cost effective option. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase additional blades, which will add to your overall costs!  Depending on the tool, blades can be as much as $14.99 for a TWO pack and you will go through at least two packs for 100 invitations.

Adhesives – this is one thing that I am a bit particular about. 😉 you see, I love DIY, and I love receiving DIY invitations. My big pet peeve is when I receive a DIY invitation and it falls apart within 3 days of receiving it!

Yes, this has happened.

Please, please, please use something that will not come apart when your guests decides to pick up your gorgeous invite the day before the wedding and it falls apart in their hands. I use a paper glue that is available at most scrapbooking stores and it is practically like crazy glue for paper! I have invitations that I put together 5 years ago and I guarantee that they won’t fall apart!

With every aspect of the DIY project I think the first step is always –
Do your research! Make sure you take your time on this step. The last thing you want is to make costly mistakes that end up increasing your budget greater than having someone else do them for you!

I think with any project, the MOST important thing to remember is that DIY projects are supposed to be fun!

Give yourself extra time and BE PREPARED and you will be successful!

If there are any DIY topics that you are curious about, shoot me a message and I would be happy to write something about it!

Have a fabulous day!!!

xo Danika


Etiquette – No kiddies please!

Helllllloooooo Tuesday!

It sure has been a while since I’ve posted on here. Our last series was all about the adventures of DIY invitations! If you missed that one, You can check out Part 1 here – DIY Part 1

As a stationery designer, I get a lot of questions about proper etiquette when it comes to wedding invitations….everything from wording to how to properly address your invitations so I have decided to put together a brand new series all about etiquette!

The first topic that we are going to address is how to communicate that your wedding is adults only. This decision could be for one of many reasons…you are having an evening wedding, black tie affair, or you would really just prefer to avoid screaming children distracting your guests from the main event like this one – >




Calm down folks! This is MY son at MY wedding. 😉 He stayed for the ceremony and about an hour of our wedding and I have to admit that we were much more relaxed once we knew that he was home and HAPPY!

The fact is that you have spent many many months planning your wedding and you want it to be perfect! (Or at least as close to perfection as possible!)

Let’s get back to the important stuff!

You’ve made the decision and now you need to communicate your wishes to your guests. Here are a few ways to do go about doing this:

1 – Address the envelopes properly! According to tradition, if the child is invited, their name should be included on the envelope below their parents names. We’ll elaborate on this hot topic in a later post all about addressing envelopes properly! (I know, exciting, right?!)

2 – You can indicate the number of guests on the RSVP card by wording it something like this :
“We have reserved ___ seats in your honour”. Before sending out your invitations, simply write the let number of guests that you are inviting on that line.

3 – You can call your guests individually. Some people may not understand your decision and your guests will most likely appreciate the extra gesture of speaking to you personally. This way you can also explain to them why this is important to you on your special day.


If you have something in particular that you are struggling with when it comes to etiquette regarding your stationery, drop me a line at and I will do my best to write a blog post just for you!


xo Danika


Wedding Stationery – How much is there to REALLY think about?!?!?

So, you’re newly engaged and the first thing on your mind is THE DRESS!!!!

Does that sound right?  I know that was how I felt.  Once I had my dress, I figured everything else would be easy.  Haha.  Boy was I wrong.  The little details can sneak up on you…I was fortunate enough to have a fabulous friend who planned events so she gave me a handy little excel spreadsheet to track my budget and “the details”.  Within that spreadsheet was a pretty large section about stationery.  Before that day, I never really considered all of the things that truly fall under the category of “stationery”.

Of course there are the Save the Dates, which is the first step in the process and are typically done 12 months prior to your wedding date.  Some people choose not to send out save the dates, some people like sending them out.  If you’re getting married during the summer or over a holiday, this may be something for you to consider as it will give your guests as much notice as possible.

Then come the Wedding Invitations!   (This is one of my favourite designs from this year….)

This is a pocketfold invitation with envelope and liner designed for a bride having a summer wedding with a vintage feel. 
Image Source :

Sounds simple, right?  Maybe, maybe not.  I’m sure you’ve heard it many times before, but the invitation sets the tone for your wedding.  It will help your guests understand how to dress, what sort of gift to buy, and what to expect on the big day!  All of this is conveyed by the papers, style, and wording of your invitation.

If I were to do it again, I probably would go for letterpress invitations…I dream of letterpress invitations.  I kid you not.
Take this one for example –

This invitation is exquisite (in my humble opinion).  It is simple and elegant…and my favourite part?

The edge painting….aaaahhhh the edge painting.  I am a total paper nerd.  🙂

Combine all of that with a fabulous envelope liner and I would be a very happy bride.

Alas…I am no longer the bride.  You are.

Your stationer will certainly try to get a feel for the style of event you’re going for in order to incorporate your ideas into your invitation suite.  Your job?  Figure out the atmosphere you are going for at your event.  If you want an elegant affair, make sure your invitations emulate that.  The same goes if you’re having a backyard BBQ with an ice cream truck!  Either way, have fun with the process…

The other items to consider are seating chart, place cards, menus, favour tags/signs and table numbers.  Those are the most common things to think about.

More to come on that subject in a couple of weeks!

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

xo Danika

Sisterhood of the Travelling Wedding Dress

Good morning!!!  I am SO excited today!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, today is a fabulous day for a couple of reasons!  One – my youngest turns four today!  Two – my wedding dress is in North Carolina and will be worn by a fabulous bride there today.  🙂

I’m not sure how this lovely lady stumbled across my blog, but she’s been reading my posts for a while now and this is where the story begins.  Don’t worry, it isn’t too long!  🙂

I received an e-mail on a Saturday night just over two weeks ago asking me for help.  This obviously peaked my interest.  The first line was

I LOVE YOUR BLOG.  < –  Fyi – compliments get you anything you want!!!  Hahahaha!  Okay, maybe not but they do make things better (and make people smile).

She went on to tell me her story….I won’t get into all the details, but the most important ones are these:

She was getting married on my son’s birthday (she didn’t know this at the time) and they were planning their wedding in just over two weeks.

She went on to tell me how in love she is and how she is the luckiest person in the world.  Being a hopeless romantic, my heart was melting a bit (okay a lot).

Kristine told me how much she wanted to surprise him and look beautiful on her wedding day for him.  (just as and FYI, she is gorgeous!)

Here’s the kicker – she asked if she could rent my dress.  Huh?  Well, I still have my wedding dress and had planned on doing a trash the dress that never happened so I hadn’t even had in cleaned!!!!!!  Totally embarrassing!!!!!

Here’s a picture of me in the dress taken by the fabulous Angela Smith ->


I kind of felt like it was fate for Kristine to wear my dress on her special day.  

 So, I told her I would ship it to her and that she could have it with the expectation that she pass it along to someone else when she was done and that they send their story to me as well.  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!

I LOVED my dress.  It was the first one that I had tried on and I didn’t need to look at any others.  I felt like a princess on my wedding day and I hope she feels like a princess today as well!

Happy Tuesday!

Happy 4th birthday to my awesome little man!

Happy wedding day to you and the love of your life Kristine!

Have a fabulous day all!!!!

xo Danika




Total Wedding Awesomeness

Yes, I realize that Awesomeness probably isn’t a word, but that’s ok.  I kind of feel like it is the best way to describe how I spent my Saturday this past weekend!

I was lucky enough to spend the day with The Wedding Ring at their booth at the Total Wedding Show at the International Centre in Mississaugua, Ontario.  (If you aren’t familiar with The Wedding Ring, you should check out their site here -> The Wedding Ring).  They feature all local vendors on their website, have an online community to chat with other brides, publish a magazine twice a year, and are really an all around fabulous group!  I used their site when I was getting married and researching vendors and I just kinda stayed in touch 😉

Here’s a photo of the booth before the show started –


Across from us was this booth ->


Photo booth courtesy of :

Yep, it’s called the Banga Booth!  Photo booths are SO much fun…I’m pretty sure that I can speak for everyone at the Wedding Ring booth (and the brides and grooms who took advantage!) that it added quite a bit of fun to our day!

And this is what you get after you take your pictures….an awesome memory to take home.


Obviously I was caught off guard a couple of times as you can see above…haha!  It was still fun!

Of course you can’t be at a bridal show without seeing some amazing dresses….and this one was my favourites.  🙂


Of course I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the kids and dog on the cat walk!!!!!!  LOVED THIS PART!


It was definitely an amazing day…although I think I could have done without the Violin version of Gangnam Style 5000 times!!!


Have a fabulous day!!!!!!  xoxoxox


p.s. – Don’t forget to check out the Wedding Ring!!!!!

Wedding Invitation Wording

Now here’s a topic that I’m sure everyone is REALLY excited about! Wording!!!

Mr and Mrs Smith request the honour of your presence….
Or should you request the pleasure of their company?
Perhaps you’d rather just tell your guests that you’re getting hitched and having a backyard party?

When it comes to wording, you’ll have to think about the style of event you are hosting. Will it be a formal affair with gowns and tuxedos? Are you having a casual backyard wedding where sundresses and khakis are more appropriate?

So much to think about right? Why yes, yes it is. Even though an invitation is “just a piece of paper” – please note to NEVER say this to your invitation designer 😉
An invitation communicates so much to your guests!

For example – if you’re having a casual backyard wedding, you probably wouldn’t send out something like this
->; IMG_3399

You can’t read the wording, but this one is extremely formal. What do I mean by that?

Well, the wording goes a little something like this:

Mr and Mrs Edward Cavanaugh
request the honour of your presence at the marriage of their daughter
Katherine Marie
Johnathan Marcus
son of Mr and Mrs Christopher Grayson

Saturday the twenty fourth of November
two thousand and twelve
Half past Three in the afternoon
Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church
Waterloo, Ontario

Dinner reception to follow
six o’clock in the evening
The Tannery Event Centre
Kitchener Ontario

Formal, right?

You’d probably want to send something a little more low key and most importantly FUN!

Like this perhaps?

Cream and light brown panel invitation with flower bouquet

This one is less formal, a little fun and incorporates the personality of the bride and groom.

“Together with their family and friends

Jackie & Craig

joyfully invite you to share in their

celebration of love, friendship, laughter, and family

as they exchange vows at the cottage.

…To be followed by an evening of food, music,

dancing, and laughter!

Guests are encouraged to dress for an outdoor ceremony and reception.

High heels and uncomfortable formal wear are not recommended.”

It all comes down to you. Yes, that’s right you. Your wedding, your wording. 🙂

*don’t forget about etiquette though* There will be another post about this coming soon!!!!

I think the point is that the wording (and the overall style) must reflect the event you are hosting.

I have lots of tips on this subject so if you are stumped, shoot me an e-mail. I can try to help!

As always – have a fabulous day!!!!

xo Danika

Most.Gorgeous.Dress.EVER! <3


Today will be a very short post. i just couldn’t resist sharing this amazingness with you!
I am in love with this dress.
I am so in love with this dress that I am pretty sure I would wear it to take my children to school. At least one of them is young enough to think his mommy was a princess. Haha!

Image source: Emm Photography via Style Me Pretty

Every girl should find their dream dress…wish I would’ve found this one before I got married! 😉

Have a perfectly fabulous Thursday!!!

xo Danika

Confetti at your wedding?

Image Source : Polka Dot Bride

If you haven’t noticed by now, I LOVE photography…

I am constantly impressed with the shots photographers are able to captured.

Image Source : Snippet & Ink

This one below is one of my favourites!

This couple looks like they are having the time of their lives!!!!!!

Image Source : Snippet & Ink

Yes, I know…super short post today.

I do hope you enjoyed the photos though!

Have a great Thursday!

xo Danika

Swept Away….

Today is rainy and dreary.  I’m also a little bit sleepy this morning because my wonderful 3 year old decided to wake up a 4am this morning.  Not sure what that’s all about, but here’s hoping it doesn’t happen again!!!

If you’ve read my blog before, you may have seen a post or two about wedding photos in the rain. Today I’m going to show you a few more amazing shots!

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, right? The thing is that every one of the photos I’m posting today left me speechless.

This photo was taken by The über talented Angela Smith of Angela Smith Photography. I seriously can’t get enough of her work and this particular picture stopped me in my tracks!! This photo is from an engagement session and I think it looks like it should be in a magazine!

Image Source : Angela Smith Photography from Waterloo Ontario

How about this one?  Helloooooo romance!

Image Source:

I ❤ this photo and apparently so do many other people since it was 2011’s BEST Wedding photo in Canada!!!

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika

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