Letterpress Love…

If you’ve read my blog before, you may already know that I am just a tad obsessed with letterpress.

There’s something about the ultra thick cotton paper and the care that it takes to make a perfect impression on each invitation that just makes me swoon.

Yes, I said swoon. I am in love. With letterpress (and my hubby of course!). I recently took the plunge and bought myself a machine.

I thought I was in love before. Ha! The first time I made a perfect quality thank you note with my wee machine, I jumped up and down in my office!!

Yep, I surely did. This is the beginning of a love affair. And here it is. My first yay me letterpress thank you card!

Stay tuned for more projects coming soon! I’m working on some birthday invites, wedding invites and business cards so stay tuned for some really exciting projects coming soon!!!

I am excited beyond words folks!!! It’s a happy dance kind of day for sure!!!

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika


Pretty Pink peonies

The sun is shining today and it looks beautiful out.  Keep in mind that I said ‘looks’…too bad it’s about -18C right now with the wind chill, but at least the sun is out!!!

The weather has been just kind of blah recently.  There is no other way to describe it.  Snow, rain, ice, wind, repeat.  That’s kind of what winter has been like here in Southwestern Ontario this year…in one word = bipolar.  I’m longing for hot summer days, a warm breeze, the smell of flowers and days at the beach.  One can day dream, right?

Well, I certainly have been dreaming…and searching blogs for some perfect summer wedding  ideas and this one is at the top of my list.

If you’ve read my blog before, you probably already know that peonies are one of my favourite flowers.  These sweet smelling blooms emulate femininity and romance and this entire shoot is inspired by these little beauties.

This gorgeous dessert table certainly embodies the flower it was designed to represent.  The entire table looks soft and inviting…just like the blooms.

“Juli of One Sweet Girl dreamed up this concept and worked with Virginia of The Bouquets of Ascha Jolie and Steve of Steve Koukoulas Photography to create a pink peony wonderland.” From the Polka Dot Bride

All photos are from The Polka Dot Bride Blog – Click here to view the entire shoot and read all about the designer’s inspiration!

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika

Oh Christmas tree! An affair with felt…and pearls!

Morning, morning, morning!

It is Friday…and December 23rd at that!  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I love this time of year before, but I REALLY REALLY DO!  I can’t believe that Christmas is only two sleeps away!  I am SO excited and mainly because I know my kids are going to be going bonkers on Sunday!  hahaha!  So much fun watching them!  The only downer this year is the lack of snow on the ground.  I’m not so much into the winter weather, but come on!  We live in CANADA!  Of course our Christmas should be white!  What can you do?  (I might just spray my grass with fake snow!)

I’m thinking this post probably would have been better going out a month ago, but I just came across this idea and I love it!  Don’t get me wrong, I like the whole red and green Christmas tradition(Did you notice the word “like” – not LOVE!).  There is just something to be said about white decor with some accents of shimmer.  It just makes everything feel festive in my opinion.  I love the sparkle!!!!!!!!  Plus, it’s like a little understated elegance that you can add to your home around the holidays or to your wedding reception (of course)!

Image source : Bliss Bloom Blog

Of course this little project could be used almost all year long and you could just customize the little details (material and colours) to match whatever feeling you’re going for at your wedding reception, or around your house.

Image Source : Bliss Bloom Blog

The full tutorial is here – Bliss Bloom Blog

Have fun, happy holidays, and I will be back next week!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

xo Danika

Shimmery glasses for your bubbly

Happy Friday!

I came across this little DIY project on Something Turquoise and thought these would be pretty amazing to add a little sparkle to basically any event.  I’m thinking evening wedding, or even better?  New Year’s Eve!  There’s something about winter events and the snow on the ground that makes everything just glisten.  So, why not make your stemware glisten as well????

Honestly, who doesn’t love a little shimmer?

And this project is so easily customizable to match your decor no matter what your event is.  The glasses pictured above were painted with Martha Stewart craft paint in Glitter and there are lots of shades available!

Click here for the full tutorial -> Something Turquoise

Have a fabulous weekend!  I have a few other cool DIY crafts to personalize your glasses…coming soon!!

xo Danika

Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower

What a gloomy Tuesday today!  It has been raining ALL day and I would like nothing better than to be cuddled up in a blanket watching a movie.  Unfortunately that hasn’t been in the cards, but these ideas definitely brightened my day!

Mimosa bars are a big trend right now for bridal showers, mother’s day brunches, even baby showers (as long as you have some sparkling juice to substitute for the mother to be!!!).  They are certainly easy to do and let’s face it…the mimosa bar with take care of a large part of the decor, which makes your job easier!

This particular event was for a baby shower and I love the Orange Grey and white theme they’ve created.

*Click on the picture to see the full event**

Image source: Small Shop Studio

I love this mimosa bar.  This picture actually made me smile.  Funny how a little fruit, flowers and yummy bubbly can do that to a person.

Image Source : Home Confetti

Mimosas bars are so simple to put together and let’s face it…who doesn’t love a little bubbly?

Thanks for reading!  Have a fabulous Tuesday!

xo Danika

Perfume bar!

This post is going out MUCH later than I was aiming for today.  I guess it’s just one of those days.  It started with me trying to get out the door with my two year old and in the process dumped almost an entire box of baking soda on the kitchen floor.  Good times!  hahaha!

On to the good stuff!  So, working with brides I am frequently asked about ideas for favours, guest books, photographer recommendations, etc.  I kind of love this part of my job so I spend quite a bit of time researching trends for everything wedding.

This past week I was actually looking for baby shower ideas (my BFF is having a BABY!!!!!!) and this idea popped up.

It’s a scent bar!  At this particular shower, guests were invited to create their own personal fragrance from a variety of over twenty scents!  They took home their own signature scent in a roll on bottle.  I mean, how awesome is that for a favour?!  I personally would love it!  Perfume is just one of those little things that you can put on in your day that makes you feel good!  (and maybe a little sexy?!)

You can check out the entire bridal shower by clicking on the picture above.

Have a fabulous Thursday night!

xo Danika

DIY with doilies

This picture pretty much made me stop dead in my tracks.

This is an awesome DIY lighting project for a backyard wedding (or your livingroom!).

All images from Blue Moss Girls.

I LOVE this idea...think I'm going to make one!

This is a super easy project (think paper mache from when you were a kid).  Totally doable for the DIY’er…or anyone for that matter.

Totally cute for a centrepiece....

Happy Friday…enjoy your weekend!

xo Danika

This one’s for the candy junkies

I have a total sweet tooth this week, which must be why this is my second post about edible goodies!  Honestly, with Thanksgiving (in Canada) being this past weekend you’d think I’ve had enough sweets!  Maybe I’m just in withdrawal.  Anyhoo….onto the candy.

We’ve all heard (and most likely been to) a party with a candy bar.  I’m taking a wild guess here, but I doubt any of us have been to one as elaborate as Dylan Lauren’s.  Her bridal shower was back in May, but a candy party like this for the Candy Queen herself certainly deserves a comeback.

All photos are from MarthaStewart.

Ah...The invitation.

A strawberry chocolate bar, which is the perfect intro to a candy themed bridal shower! The cute little cartoon was hand drawn by Darcy Miller (host of the shower-http://darcymillerdesigns.com/).

This is what guests saw when they arrived. The mosaic is made out of gumballs!

These rings were given to guests as favours to take home…

Lemon drop cocktails, french fries, and cupcakes were served at the shower.

Mini turkey burgers

Cones filled with savory flavours also served...

You can’t have sweets without craving something a little more savory to balance out your taste buds!

Display of candy rings. (www.escriba.es <- check out this site!)

These mini milkshakes were served in double shot glasses with a chocolate chip cookie.  Can you say yummy?

Okay, so this shower may be a little more than what you and I may do, but  a lot of these things are totally doable for your best friend and let’s be honest…everyone loves candy!!!

xo Danika

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