Winter Wonderland……

That is how I would describe the weather outside right now. Honestly I should be blogging about a warm beach somewhere, because I would much rather be in the tropics, but alas my reality is a touch colder and a lot more snowy!

Schools are closed here today and this is the biggest snowfall we have seen in years. Hello shovel and snowblower! <- this has been my world today!

This is me ->


Well, not really but it certainly feels like it today!!!!

While snow on your wedding day isn’t ideal, it can definitely make for some amazing photos.

I ❤ the snow falling in this one along with the footprints in the snow.


Although this one is by far my favourite so far! I mean….a covered bridge? Do you remember Bridges of Madison County? Totally romantic. Makes my heart melt. Even on a day like today. 🙂


Finally, I’ll leave you with an oldie but goodie. I say this as I have posted it before, but it makes me smile every time I see it!!!!!


Have a fabulous weekend and if you are anywhere this storm is hitting, stay safe!!!

xo Danika


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