Anti cheating wedding band???

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Happy Briday!!!!!

Yes you heard right, I said anti-cheating wedding band.

I was listening to the radio yesterday and was really curious when they mentioned “anti cheating wedding band”.  I mean, is it like a dog bark collar that sprays them in the face or gives them a shock?  Not so much.  The ring has the word Married negatively imprinted on the band so it literally creates an imprint of the word on your finger.  Of course, you have to wear the ring too small in order to make that happen so I’m thinking it wouldn’t be too comfortable.

These rings have created quite the buzz over the past few days and I had to share.  Who the heck is going to get married thinking their spouse will cheat on them at some point during their marriage???  Can you say deal breaker?  Isn’t there a part of your vows that says you with be faithful?  Yep, that’s right, there is.  And really…if you think a ring that imprints the word married (temporarily) is going to stop someone from cheating, you may want to come back to reality.

The idea for this ring came from Colin Hart and his comedian wife Anna Ryan when they were engaged in Vancouver about a year ago and initially started as a joke:

“We just did it as a laugh. We’ve only sold three or four of them so far but we’re starting to get a lot of orders. The best part, I have to be honest, is that it’s creating a little of a debate in society about the purpose of a wedding ring.”  says Colin Hart.

If you bought this as a joke, I guess I could get on board.  If you’re honestly going into a marriage feeling as though your future husband is going to take off his ring and cheat, then you should probably rethink the relationship.

Oh – notice how I only said “future husband” above?  Yep, that’s right…the ring is apparently only available for men at this point since, you know….apparently men are the only ones cheating?!?!?  Although, maybe that’s part of the whole joke.

Don’t get me wrong, I think if you’re buying this ring assuming that your fiance will be unfaithful at some point in your relationship, then you probably shouldn’t be walking down the aisle in the first place.  I love weddings, but I also believe in lasting relationships.  Make sure you’re marrying a keeper people!  🙂

What are your thoughts on this one?

Have a fabulous weekend!!!

xo Danika


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