For the love of cake!!!!

If you’ve read my blog before, you may know that my husband has a serious sweet tooth.  Last fall I was in charge of dessert for our family Thanksgiving at my mom’s place in Bayfield Ontario.  I baked a a carrot cake and a cheesecake the day before we were heading up there.  By the time we left the house, there was only half of a carrot cake left…my wonderful husband ate almost half of the entire cake!!  At least the cheesecake was huge.  Hahaha!

This post is dedicated to his sweet tooth!

Options for your wedding cake are endless.  The only limitation really is your imagination…and finding the right bakery/cake artist!

Image Source : Sweet and Saucy Shop

I love the stripes on this cake!!!!!!

Image Source : Amanda Oakleaf Cakes

This cake is understated, but I am thinking that it would take some serious talent to design!

Image Source :

This cake is super cute and was designed for the wedding of some self proclaimed nerds!  Love it!

Image Source :

As with anything wedding related, take your time and make sure you find the right person to bring your personality into every aspect of your wedding!

Have a fabulous day!

xo Danika


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