Who doesn’t love cake????????

Mmmmmmmmmm cake.  I for one love a good piece of cake every once in a while.  Notice the “once in a while”!  My husband on the other hand could probably eat a whole cake in one sitting.  That’s right folks.  In fact, I once made a carrot cake for Thanksgiving dinner at my mom’s house and somehow over half of the cake disappeared before we even left!  Worst part?  He doesn’t even gain a pound!!!!  Hahaha!

Onto the good stuff….

I mentioned in a post last week that it was my husband’s birthday in January and how excited I was about his cake, right?  Well…here it is – Sons of Anarchy with Jax Teller on the front!!!

{Don’t worry…I’m posting some actual WEDDING cakes too!}

Made by Candy Wishes and Sugar Dreams

That’s pretty awesome, right?  My friend Jen Scott, owner of Candy Wishes and Sugar Dreams designed this cake for my hubby’s birthday and it was absolutely perfect!  She is one talented woman…let me tell you!

Here are just a couple of my favourite wedding cakes that she’s done.  I kind of love the bling on this cake.  🙂

Love the idea of the cake AND the packaged cupcakes ready for your guests to take home!

Jen is super talented and this is a tiny display of what she can do for you! Think chocolates, cake push pops (YES I SAID PUSH POPS!), truffles, cookies, and of course CAKES!

Check out her website here for her full portfolio of amazingness!!!!!!  You can also check her out on facebook!  Like her page before Valentine’s Day and you might just win some truffles or a cookie bouquet people!!!

Have I made you hungry yet????????

Have an amazing weekend!

xo Danika


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