Oh Christmas tree! An affair with felt…and pearls!

Morning, morning, morning!

It is Friday…and December 23rd at that!  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned that I love this time of year before, but I REALLY REALLY DO!  I can’t believe that Christmas is only two sleeps away!  I am SO excited and mainly because I know my kids are going to be going bonkers on Sunday!  hahaha!  So much fun watching them!  The only downer this year is the lack of snow on the ground.  I’m not so much into the winter weather, but come on!  We live in CANADA!  Of course our Christmas should be white!  What can you do?  (I might just spray my grass with fake snow!)

I’m thinking this post probably would have been better going out a month ago, but I just came across this idea and I love it!  Don’t get me wrong, I like the whole red and green Christmas tradition(Did you notice the word “like” – not LOVE!).  There is just something to be said about white decor with some accents of shimmer.  It just makes everything feel festive in my opinion.  I love the sparkle!!!!!!!!  Plus, it’s like a little understated elegance that you can add to your home around the holidays or to your wedding reception (of course)!

Image source : Bliss Bloom Blog

Of course this little project could be used almost all year long and you could just customize the little details (material and colours) to match whatever feeling you’re going for at your wedding reception, or around your house.

Image Source : Bliss Bloom Blog

The full tutorial is here – Bliss Bloom Blog

Have fun, happy holidays, and I will be back next week!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

xo Danika



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    DIY for all you crafty folks! Felt Christmas trees.

    Super cute!

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