Bridal Mehendhi…for every bride

Hello Thursday!  I have to say that I am SUPER excited about this post!

We’ve all seen the garter belts, fun shoes, headpieces, and jewelry for your wedding day.  We’ve also seen bridal mehendhi, but I’ve never seen bridal Mehendhi like this before and I think I am in looooooooooove!

Bhupi Rajput, owner and artist at Henna4you in Cambridge Ontario, is passionate about her art and believes that bridal henna (mehendhi) is for every bride.  Traditional bridal henna really is gorgeous, but why not wow your groom to be with a garter and stocking design under your dress.  Every woman wants to feel sexy on her wedding day and I think this would definitely do the trick!

While backpacking in Puskar, Rajisthan, Bhupi learned henna from a 9 year old girl who was working outside her hotel.  For the past 16 years, she has been perfecting her art and designing her own modern spin on the traditional bridal mehendhi and I for one think she has some serious talent!

All Bridal Photo Credits : Henna –, Photographer –, Make-up artist –

A few years ago Bhupi decided to push her talent to a new level and started designing glassware as well and most of the designs have meaning behind them, which she shared with me. 

Simla is based on a traditional bridal design of paisley and vines suggesting their love will grow and flourish in the years to come.  The peacock (not photographed yet) represents beauty and wisdom. The Taj is her interpretation of the lotus flowers at The Taj Mahal. The Lotus flowers are very symbolical in Hinduish, Sikhism and Bhudism.

Image Source : Henna4you

P.S. – I’m thinking the glassware would be a pretty amazing teacher/friend/sister/whoever gift for Christmas!

Have a fabulous Thursday!

xo Danika



  1. Danika, thank you so much for the compliments, I’m deeply honoured.

  2. WOOOWWWW!!!! I am in love with these!!! I have always found Mehendhi so be such a beautiful tradition, but because I am not Hindu thought it would be weird to do in my wedding, but this is such a PERFECT way for a western girl to have a little culture influence of something she admires ❤

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