Love letter bridal shoes….

Have I mentioned that I LOVE shoes?  And what better day to show off some fabulous shoes but your wedding day?

Nothing says fabulous more than your own personalized shoes!  If you’re getting married and looking for a one of a kind shoe, you absolutely have to check out  These shoes are hand painted by the artist (who also happens to be a photographer) and she is extremely talented.  I wish I would have seen this site before my wedding!  Now for the shoes!

Image Source: Figgie Shoes

This particular pair of shoes is a love letter.  Actually, two love letters.  The bride and the groom wrote love letters to eachother and sent them through to Deborah Thomson (owner of Figgie Shoes) who hand painted each shoe for the couple and I think the end result is spectacular.

Image Source: Figgie Shoes

Here are a few other amazing samples of her work.

Image Source: Figgie Shoes

And if you weren’t already in love, she also does accessories and baby shoes.

Image Source: Figgie Shoes

*(these are almost my favourite only because baby shoes are so teeny tiny)

Every woman should have at least one pair of shoes that makes her feel amazing and sexy and hand painted shoes will absolutely do that!

Have a fabulous Tuesday!

xo Danika


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