Cowboys and lace

Happy Friday!  It also happens to be random act of kindness day so Share the love ya’ll!!

So, I was born in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada and have lived here the majority of my life.   I was also lucky enough to spend about 8 years living in Virginia.  When I was living there and I came to LOVE everything southern…the food, the music, and mostly the people(you know who you are!!!!!).  I’m sure you’ve heard the term southern hospitality and if you haven’t experienced it, you should make the trip at some point in time.

This is one reason that completely adore these southern chic wedding trends.

Barns create such romantic atmosphere for your wedding reception(and ceremony for that matter).

Photo Courtesy of One Love Photo

I’m thinking these boots probably would have been better dancing shoes than my heels on my wedding day!  Cowboy boots look pretty awesome too if that’s the theme you’re going for.

Image Source : Monolo Blog

Love this sweet little message on the bottom of this brides boots.

Image Source DP Photo Biz

Now, this is a wedding reception menu after my own heart.  Nothing but feel good food!!!!!!

Photo Courtesy of Ruffled Blog

This all is definitely making me yearn for Virginia/North Carolina Coast.  Oh…how I miss you!  We will see eachother soon.

Have a fabulous weekend!

xo Danika


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