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For those of you who are in Southwestern Ontario, you should definitely check out
I used this website as a resource to research local vendors when I was getting married, and as a stationery designer I am lucky enough to have been reviewed by them as well.  One of the things I loved most about The Wedding Ring was the fact that they get feedback from real customers that the vendors have worked with before.  This is a huge bonus because you know the reviews are from real people!
I almost teared up when I saw the amazing things my customers said about me!  Check it out ->
Review is written by Staff @ The Ring and is based on •   Interviews with this vendor • Interviews with past brides
From Customized Invitations to DIY, Uptown Designs has something for every style and budget

When we met Danika Snow, the Kitchener-Waterloo based designer at Uptown Designs, we were instantly impressed with her philosophy; to design incredible wedding invitations while making the entire process stress and hassle free for every bride (amazing!).

From customized invitations completely tailored to your wedding day, to beautiful paper options for the perfect DIY project, Danika has options for every wedding theme, style, and budget. Here’s more on
Uptown Designs…..

Personally Speaking….

Ever since Danika can remember, she’s been interested in design, ” I think my first masterpiece was when I was eighteen months….it’s still hanging in my mom’s house!

Danika went on to study the art of design through literature, “Design and typography have always been a passion of mine, so to be able to bring that into my career has been amazing.”

Danika started out helping friends with their invitations and later, created invitations as wedding presents for friends and family.  This turned into requests from paying clients and gave her the idea that this could turn into a great business. “I also made my own invitations and planned my own wedding.”

About three years ago, Danika had a revelation, “I became less satisfied with my job.  Following a pregnancy and staying at home with my son, I just couldn’t imagine going back to doing what I was doing before.  About a year ago I was in a position to change careers and thought it would be amazing to do something that I absolutely love every single day.  The planning process started and Uptown Designs was officially launched in November 2010.”

Danika has been creating custom invitations for family and friends for about six years. In November 2010, she officially opened Uptown Designs. When we met with her, she had already done forty-nine weddings.

“I am a total romantic and what better business for a romantic than the wedding business!  I love weddings and to be able to a play a small part in someone’s wedding makes me feel unbelievably honoured!  I think the biggest thing that brings me to work every day would be the bride’s reaction when the design is exactly what she’s been dreaming of.  It is so fulfilling to know that you can bring such happiness to someone!”

The Uptown style

Part of Danika’s appeal with couples is her easy going attitude.  She understands that planning a wedding can be stressful and she makes it her goal to make the entire process of designing the perfect wedding invitations as stress free as possible.

“I tend to be pretty flexible as brides and grooms are emotionally connected to the designs and invitations.  They have an idea of how they would like their stationery to look, which means I am as flexible as possible when working through the design process.  My goal is to make sure that brides and grooms are providing their guests with an invitation that gives them a glimpse of the event to come!”

Wendy Jarvis was impressed with the personalization that went into the invitations Danika created for her July 2011 wedding, “They are unique and personalized to me…everything else I looked at was a cookie cutter invitation. I wasn’t looking to be just like the bride next door…the invitation captured who we are as a couple and what our relationship is about.”

Danika told The Ring, “I think each bride has a personal style that they want to portray through every aspect of their wedding.  I also think that a wedding is so emotional and if my designs create that emotional connection, then a bride may decide to work with me over a different stationery vendor.”

Options and Pricing

Danika has options for any budget. Whether you’re looking for fully customized invitations or DIY supplies (like cool metallic paper) to create your own.

Invitations with Uptown Designs start at $3.00 up to $7.00 depending on the invitation style and paper you choose.  This includes invitations, response cards and two envelopes (one for the invitation and one for the response envelopes).

If you’d like Danika to take care of all of your stationary, she’ll also design your thank-you cards, map cards and reception cards. She’ll even take care of your table numbers, favour tags, seating charts and drink tags! “We also offer package discounts when brides and grooms select additional stationery.”

“I also LOVE when brides ask for my opinion on other things related to their wedding (creative guest books ideas, favours ect). I’m a total DIY’er at heart so being able to give ideas to people is pretty cool!”

Trends and Classics

For Danika, keeping up with the newest paper and colour trends is an important part of her job. While styles vary between couples, Danika usually gets requests for clean lines and a classic feel.  Most of her couples like a traditional style, with a modern twist.

“There are definitely some classic colours that will always be popular.  This year my brides are going in one of two directions….vintage (muted tones),  lots of black, fuchsia and white or ivory, or gray, purple and white.  The pearlescent paper is HUGE right now with my brides.”

Pocketfold invitations have been one of Danika’s best sellers since she opened Uptown Designs. Her envelope liners are also becoming really popular, “Coordinating envelope liners are such an amazing little extra to make everything tie in!”

Working with Uptown Designs….

Danika is your go to person at Uptown Designs. She’s your invitation expert, designer, customer relationship builder, “I guess you could say I wear many hats on a daily basis.”

If you’re interested in meeting with Danika, you can send her an e-mail or give her a call to set up a consultation.

During your first consultation, Danika will bring her entire portfolio so that you can get a great idea of her past work. She’ll also come equipped with paper options, a pricelist and a copy of the agreement. “During the consultation, I try to get as much information as possible about the event and the couples’ vision for their wedding invitations.  We talk about their style, their colours, any patterns they are drawn to, flowers, or pictures they would like incorporated into the design.”

If an e-mail consultation works best, Danika will send you a design questionnaire that you can fill out online. It will give her all of the same information she would get in a face to face meeting.

Wendy Jarvis did all of her correspondence with Danika online, “I was a little nervous as you couldn’t feel the paper or get a true sense of the invitation but when I actually got the invitations and saw how amazing they were in my hands…..that is my best memory.  We mailed them out and we keep getting replies about how gorgeous and truly unique they are.”

If you decide you’d like to work with Danika, you’ll sign a contract and make a deposit to secure Uptown Designs for your wedding invitations.

From here, Danika will design your invitations based on your initial consultation. At this point, you can let Danika know if you’d like any changes made to your invites.

Once you’ve given your final approval, the balance is due and your invitation will be ready in four to six weeks.

If you’re from the Waterloo area and you’ve ordered a seating chart, Danika will deliver it on your wedding day if you’d like her too.
After your wedding, if you’d like to order thank-you cards, Danika can add one of your favourite wedding pictures to your cards.

Amy Black told The Ring that her wedding invitations were an important part of her wedding day, “Danika was a joy to work with, she is kind and patient, very important qualities in someone who is making your invitations! On that one day in my life where my husband and I celebrate our future together, I want everyone to remember the wedding by holding onto the invitation. And an invitation like this is one they will keep forever. I loved that Danika wants the same thing. That’s why she does such amazing work.”

Details, details, details

•The average bride spends $500 – $1500 with invitations from Uptown Designs
•There is a $75 deposit required to book
•It’s best to secure your invitations with Uptown Designs six months before your wedding


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