This one’s for the candy junkies

I have a total sweet tooth this week, which must be why this is my second post about edible goodies!  Honestly, with Thanksgiving (in Canada) being this past weekend you’d think I’ve had enough sweets!  Maybe I’m just in withdrawal.  Anyhoo….onto the candy.

We’ve all heard (and most likely been to) a party with a candy bar.  I’m taking a wild guess here, but I doubt any of us have been to one as elaborate as Dylan Lauren’s.  Her bridal shower was back in May, but a candy party like this for the Candy Queen herself certainly deserves a comeback.

All photos are from MarthaStewart.

Ah...The invitation.

A strawberry chocolate bar, which is the perfect intro to a candy themed bridal shower! The cute little cartoon was hand drawn by Darcy Miller (host of the shower-

This is what guests saw when they arrived. The mosaic is made out of gumballs!

These rings were given to guests as favours to take home…

Lemon drop cocktails, french fries, and cupcakes were served at the shower.

Mini turkey burgers

Cones filled with savory flavours also served...

You can’t have sweets without craving something a little more savory to balance out your taste buds!

Display of candy rings. ( <- check out this site!)

These mini milkshakes were served in double shot glasses with a chocolate chip cookie.  Can you say yummy?

Okay, so this shower may be a little more than what you and I may do, but  a lot of these things are totally doable for your best friend and let’s be honest…everyone loves candy!!!

xo Danika


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